Everything is in the Best Arrangement

At a light speed, the world flashes into the familiar territory of slow paces. What does it going to bring to us? What’s the next move?

As this is our 3rd journey on the Harry Potter series, for a funny reason, we agreed to light-speed jump onto: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

Here we pause, as I had this inspiration to lead some conversation about the Horcrux and the deathly hollows.

Does Horcrux exist in the reality that people can put the different parts of their soul onto different “images” to better serve their purpose?

The human mind is the most powerful gift from the universe. The human mind creates the world. J.K.Rowling’s mind created this powerful Horcrux, it is in the best arrangement.

Under the different circumstances, how do we focus and leverage energy on one pure purpose following that part of our soul? Honestly, everyone needs this focus for a smart and wise next move.

No matter how people make use of their “Horcrux”, the deathly hollows highlight human qualities: #wisdom#kindness, and #compassionate.

Simply Believe: Everything is in the best arrangement. With Love. Stay #positive.

Good Saturday Morning, my friends!🌙✨🧘☕💧



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