How a Computer Uses 0 and 1 to Describe Everything

When my little girl uses an iPad App to learn simple coding like {if…} {then do…} {repeat…} {elseif…} {else…}, it is fascinatingly simple and easy. And the program lets the kids debug and refine the codes to make their small codes a closed-loop process at the end.

This reminds me of my old days in learning one basic computer language BASIC. Before learning BASIC, we learned how computers translate all signals into 0 and 1 and then finally show everything on screen using code 0 and 1.

In the end, all signals on computers are shown through each of the digital cells on its screen. With each cell appearing in a different color, all cells on a screen form up a screen image which refreshes at a very high speed that human eyes could not catch up and tell the changes.

On an RGB color mode screen, each cell is a combination of the three basic colors of Red, Green, and Blue, and each color is designed in 256 levels (256=16*16) and using two hexadecimal numbers 0, 1, 2, …9, A, B… F to present.

For example, if a cell has a color of FF9A04, it means:
Red: 255 (F*16+F=15*16+15)
Green: 154 (9*16+A=9*16+10)
Blue: 4 (0*16 + 4)

And for each color, from 0 to 255, they are stored in binary digits from 00000000 to 11111111.

So, for a cell of the color of FF9A04, the computer would be sending a string of digital binary like this:

1111 1111 — 255 — Red
1001 1010 — 154 — Green
0000 0100 — 4 — Blue

Combined with processing codes which are digital binary 0 and 1 too, at a very high speed translating, sending, and reloading, our computer screen freshes, and then we can surf in this digital world freely.

The same thing happens on TV, also audio products, and all computer program-related products.

This is an amazing world that can be completely described using 0 and 1.


Water and Fire in the Unity of Human and Heaven

From the Taoist’s rigorous and rich description of Qi, Yin and Yang: In the vast universe, tens of billions of years ago, some forms of huge air current slowly liquefied and accumulated under the impetus of a huge energy force. As the energy density flows further, the liquefied matter was mutually absorbed and condensed. This huge liquid mass slowly solidified and wrapped together, and a three-dimensional structure began to appear, as the measurement of the space, and evolving into a sphere. Under the interaction of various internal and external energies, with its own energy density flow internally and externally, its movement started its rotating, and then very slowly a fixed structure with the east, the west, the north, and the south, the inside, and the outside began to periodically and physically appear in a certain way, accompany its rotations and its energy fields.

While the thermal energy in the center of the earth gradually stabilized, the surface became a relatively low-temperature structure. Under the action of energy flow, the liquid matter differentiated into a variety of different energy elements, the sprouting Five Essential Elements of the very young earth started to merge.

As a new life in the universe, although alternatively, it might be just one little cell on a huge body, the earth started to “breath”. It started to absorb and release its own energy between its internal and external. The essential elements moved and formed into new objects and new lives following the earth’s energy flow.

This was about the time plants started to exist on a very young liquidized earth while some of the Five Essential Elements formed into the mountains, mantle, and oceans. Over billions of years, the young earth not only can breathe between internal and external through its energy absorbing and releasing, but it also has its circulatory system and muscles, the rivers, and underground air and fluids. The geological layers of the earth began to form. While the earth was growing, deep in its water, some new kinds of lives started their existence.

Taoism thinks that the original innate energy that forced the bulk forms of liquid to gather together was Qian, which is infinite and everlasting, also called Tao. And the liquid was like Kan, which carries the energy from Qian and formed into the early liquid earth Kun. Baby earth stored the Qian Yang in the deep center of it. This Yang energy was earth’s essential acquired energy Li. This gives us a very easy way to understand that Kan means the water, Li means the fire.

(Read more on Qian, Kun, Kan, and Li here…)

What about human embryonic development? Is it following the same development process as how Mother Earth got her birth and growth? Just like how a generation inherites life codes through DNA from the older generations? It’s similar as described in how a new life could be generated in Taoism books. But today, with modern medicine and life sciences, we can tie them together.

Father’s sperm, carrying Yang energy from the universe, active and strong, swims in a liquid environment to meet mother’s egg, still and soft, with its Yin characters. Only when a force of strong innate Qian merged with the active sperm shall the sperm and egg be fertilized into a new life. This new life starts from the mother’s abdomen, the north, the Kan, gets nurtured by the mother’s Qi and Blood. The new life is like a vigorous, tempting, and thriving force of up-forward growing new energy, and has all the characters of Yang Qi energy. The new life first appears as a group of cells in a liquid environment, then the head and heart started to appear, which belong to Li. With life’s fire started from water, Kan, the other organs follow to appear as well as the four limbs, finally the skin. Once the birth is given, it starts its full acquired Kun life.

According to modern science, the human body is a microcosm of the earth. Water occupies 70% of the earth’s surface and 70% of the human body, and their chemical compositions are similar. By analogy to humans, we know that natural changes mainly affect the human body through water that acts on the human body. The many physiological cycles of a person are a microcosm of the natural cycle in the human body.

The meridian theory of Chinese medicine describes channels based on water circulation. And the ancestor’s highest wisdom is in categorizing human moral spirits as the same as the innate natural energy force, the fire energy.

Now, can we say that the universe is the greatest magician, and humans are in incredible perfect harmonized unity with nature?

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Human Life is like Fire Cooking Water

Our Mother Earth has a very smart and wise body.

As mentioned in the commonality of the legends on the human origin between the eastern and western cultures many times earlier, can we assume that the human origin does have no essential difference between the East and the West? As, no matter what race, with what religion or beliefs, the East and the West all call the earth our Mother Earth instead of Father Earth. And our same Mother Earth is widely regarded as with a Kun character of ever giving and gentle nourishing everything on this planet.

Our Mother Earth has her own energy system, to maintain her own life, healthy and long-lasting.

In the middle of this Kun life earth, there is the high-temperature geocentric core energy originated from the Qian universe, the sun. Between the middle and the surface of our Mother Earth is the earth’s soil, including the mantle layer and crust layer. And on the surface are water, mountains, rivers, and gas. The internal is the core, the energy center of our Mother Earth. She exquisitely acquires new energy from the sun and stores the energy in the middle, warms and nurtures her body, the soil, the water, the gas, and the mountains. Water plays a great role in adjusting her body temperature and cooling her down. When there is extra heat from the core, such as volcanic eruption and magma eruption, water plays one of the most important roles in cooling it down. And her air on the surface is the best thermal insulation layer to protect her from losing heat into outer space.

Our Mother Earth has her own respiratory and circulatory systems. What we can directly observe are countless deep holes leading to the deep ground, groundwater, and surface water circulation system in her shallow surface. In her deep ground, there stored her internal gas and oils, which are playing important roles in her life.

While our Mother Earth revolves around the sun, she gets different amounts of energy from the sun at different times of one year, so her body developed a systematic process in maintaining the energy of different parts of her body in a harmonious and balanced state.

There is a way that humans can intuitively feel the different processes of energy absorption and radiation of Mother Earth, that is, by feeling the changes in the temperature of the well water. Our ancestors have long discovered this phenomenon: the water in the deep well is warm in winter, but cool in summer.

The ancestors had the scientific spirit to break the casserole to the end. They further discovered on the basis of their intuitive experience: the surface of Mother Earth is cold in winter, while the underground is warm, and it is the time the geothermal heat is emitted little by little inside out. In the hot summer, when the surface is hot, the underground is cool, and the geothermal energy is not scattered outward, but the core energy is restrained. It is the time Mother Earth collects energy inward.

Further considering the northern and southern hemispheres of Mother Earth, the northern hemisphere surface is hot outside and cool inside, while the southern hemisphere surface is cool outside and hot inside. As a result, the surface energy of the entire earth is a uniformly distributed balance of Yin and Yang. If we further think, we will realize Mother Earth’s internal thermal energy’s change pattern. When her northern side is absorbing and retaining energy, her southern half is emitting energy, and as her position around the sun changes, the northern side starts to emit and the southern side starts to retain and absorb. The same cycle repeats every year and never stops.

Seeing Mother Earth as a huge image hanging in the air, she is like a huge Kan. The Kan Hexagram comes from the Kun Hexagram of pure Yin, and in the middle of the extreme pure Yin is the pure Yang originated from the Qian Hexagram. This pure Yang energy warms the world and supports all life on our Mother Earth.

The Qian is heaven. The Qian is the sun.

When we introduce Jiji Hexagram, it briefs us that the human head is the human body’s south and the human abdominal area is the human body’s north. Or, the human head belongs to Li Hexagram while the human abdominal area belongs to Kan Hexagram.


In Taoism’s theories, the human body’s south, the Li, includes head and heart that connect to human’s thoughts, minds, and souls. Human eyes, as the window of the human heart, belong to Li too. And they also think that the human body’s north, the Kan, includes the kidney, reproductive system, and endocrine system. Human ears, connecting to the belly through meridians, belong to Kan too.

So, how do the human body’s south fire and north water work on each other for the entire body’s health?

Nature is the greatest magician. But why does it put the human body’s fire on top of its water?

The direct and simplest answer is that there is Yang in Yin, and there is Yin in Yang.

Although the human abdominal area is of the water energy, it is this water energy that fuels Yang Qi energy from the “deep sea” and it is also the cradle of the most active and vibrant new life. Pure Yang Qi arises from deep inside the human Kan abdominal area.

Although the human head and heart belong to Li fire energy, human brain nervous system is Yin and controls hormone secretion. The human hormone is one of the most essential Yin elements controlling human life. The human heart processes blood. Human fluid circulation system and the endocrine system both belong to Yin Qi energy. They are the Yin in the middle of Li.

Human birth, aging, sickness, and death are like the four seasons of the earth. They are all energy transformation processes. Life is all about energy’s movement. Life is all about the energy’s transformation between water and fire.

Newborns have the highest water content. Their skin is supple and their body is soft. The moisture in the body of the elder gradually loses, and their skin and bones are calcified. Once a person dies, the body is completely stiff and can no longer store water.

Beauty-loving women, when they apply the most precious skincare and moisturizing products to their faces in order to resist the signs of time is there any way to use the most precious beauty and skincare products inside their bodies? Is there such a treasure in the human body?

Aging begins with the aging of the brain, which is manifested in the inability to move the feet. Normally, an old man with quick thinking has quick hands and feet. Why does aging start with the brain? Because of lacking the fire energy, life’s Yang Qi.

Life is like cooking a kettle of water.

If the fire is too strong, it might quickly burn and dry the water. If there is no continuous water production, life will be burned out quickly.

If the fire is very weak, too weak to heat the water, life will be cold with blocked Qi and Blood, in the misery of sicknesses.

Only if the fire is right for the water, heat the water to boil, control the fire but make it constant firing; control the water and supplement it while the life is generating more life water. Life will be a balanced, warm and happy long life.

Taoism tells us a human’s body is born to have the capability to live for hundreds to thousands of years, but humans are always wasting and over consuming their life water and fire energy. Does Taoism give guidance on how to maintain the cooking of our life with our own water and fire energy?

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Qi and Blood are like Twin Brothers

Qi and Blood are like twin brothers. This intimate relationship makes them both irreplaceable to each other, mutually depend on, support, restrict, and complement each other. And this mutual relationship is just like the relationship between:

Bones and Muscles
Head and Feet
Man and Woman
Water and Fire
Current and Voltage
Electricity and Magnetism
Odd and Even
Core and Surface
Sun and Moon
Day and Night
Time and Space

Blood is easy for us to understand from the modern scientific point of view. It represents the body fluid circulation systems. It stands for the materialized life-supplies the human body gets from nature. How to understand Qi? It is the invisible energy on the human body. It resides in the invisible spaces inside the human body, which Traditional Chinese Medicine calls the meridians.

Let us use some vivid metaphors to further understand what is this Qi-and-Blood:

  • If a river is like the Blood, the hydropower it carries is the Qi and the riverbed is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a current is like the Blood, the electricity it carries is the Qi; and the electric circuit is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a tree is like the Blood, the green energy is sent out is the Qi; and the branches and leaves are the “space of its meridian”
  • If a piece of music is like the Blood, the happiness it brings is the Qi; and the voice and melody are the “space of its meridian”
  • If a business is like the Blood, the positive social value it generates is the Qi; and the people, office, and the business process are the “space of its meridian”
  • If the wind is like the Blood, the air energy it carries is the Qi; and the air space is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a fire is like the Blood, the heat and light it sends out is the Qi; the flame and the moving air are the “space of its meridian”
  • If the underground oil is like the Blood, the petroleum energy it holds is the Qi; the underground space is the “space of its meridian”
  • If the wifi signal is like the Blood, the e-intelligence it enables is the Qi; the electromagnetic wave is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a network online game is like the Blood, the entertainment and the advantage/disadvantage it brings is the Qi; the internet is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a fraud business trap is like the Blood, the harms it sends out is the Qi; the society and environment it resides in is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a war is the Blood, the damage or refreshment it brings is the Qi; business, economy, technology, or cities, countries, regions, even the whole world is the “space of its meridian”

Every people and everything has its own Qi and Blood. The invisible Qi energy can be good, uprising, warm, positive Yang Qi, or bad, downward, cold, and negative Yin Qi. And this Qi energy resides in the materialized human body or in a materialized external world.

The human body’s condition is strongly reflected in its fluid circulation systems. As, the human body is 70% of water, which is exactly the same as that of our Mother Earth, whose energy pattern of Qi and Blood determines human’s energy pattern.

A balanced Qi and Blood system indicates a balanced body and mind, a balanced life, as well as a balanced Yin and Yang in a human life.

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Moxibustion Qi is Like a Mother’s Love

In the old society thousands of years ago, there was no modern communication, no sufficient material supply, neither any good nor enough life supplies during the war years. The mere problem of water resources for survival in the wild for armies was a matter of the survival of not only the army but also the country.

But, in those ancient times, Taoists understood the breathing and circulatory system of Mother Earth, and they had very clever ways to determine the source of groundwater in those wild areas.

In ancient China, when marching and fighting, thousands of troops traveled long distances and carried large amounts of wormwood. Especially when they were in the northwest plateau and desert, they would first dig a huge deep hole, burn wormwood at the bottom of the hole, and observe the distant surroundings. After a while, they could see smoke coming out of other places. Then they dug deep at that smoking place, they knew they would definitely get water.

Why is it wormwood? How did the ancestors discover this? It is related to the knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine.

In ancient times, some great sorcerers had magical powers. Shen Nong tasted over a hundred grasses and picked out wormwood for some special body disease and pain treatment.

Taoism and Chinese pharmacology describe wormwood as ventilating. After the mugwort ignited, it sends out the warmth and penetrating. This warmth does not hurt, it is like a mother’s love.

This is the reason why moxibustion uses wormwood wool. Ancestors also discovered that the heat generated by the burning air of wormwood has the ability to travel through “spaces” both in the body of Mother Earth and in the body of humans. In the human body, it can carry heat energy to the “space” blocked by Yin Qi, and slowly dissolve the blockage. As a result, the Qi is ventilated, and the blood circulation is smoothened.

In Mother Earth’s body, they know the Qi and water circulation are inseparable like twin brothers, where the Qi reaches, where the water circulation arrives. Like mother, like children, because the human body has exactly the same energy Qi and Blood system as our Mother Earth.

Now, modern science is able to experiment that after the mugwort is ignited, its Qi can resonate harmonically with the human’s Qi, and its wavelength is the closest to the human body so that the human body can easily accept it, allowing the moxibustion Qi to penetrate deeper.

Why do we always call Qi and Blood together? It is because they are inseparable from each other. Where should this bring us to if we try to understand our Mother Earth’s Qi and Blood, our Mother Earth’s air breath, and water circulation? How this is related to climate change and environmental issues?

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Stretch the Body, Stretch the Mind

From TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine)’s point of view, meridians and Qi and Blood circulation are complementary. Healthy meridians lead Qi and Blood to be smooth, and the internal organs will become healthy. Good Qi and Blood circulation promote meridian functionalities.

Stretching is a method of independent health management besides meditation.

With proper stretching, people can dredge meridians and strengthen the circulation of Qi and Blood, thereby improving various acute and chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gynecological disease, heart disease, prostate disease, bone misalignment, and pain due to contraction of the muscles.

Taoism has a saying: “For every inch of tendon extension, the life can be extended for ten years”, Longevity usually has soft tendons and bones.

If you often feel pain in the waist and neck, numbness in the hands and feet, and minor physical problems, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is probably due to contraction of the muscles and tendon. Facts have proved that after long-term adherence to stretching exercises, the pains are reduced or even disappeared and the body gets flexible.

There are many things in life that require tender wisdom from a gentle body and a gentle heart. There are a lot of words, a lot of anger, a lot of suffering, a lot of desires, many emotions in life which require tenderness and gentleness, to bring people balanced energy.

Soft and gentleness are a kind of mind, a kind of comprehension, a kind of life, and a kind of wisdom of rules. The beginning of yoga practice in meditation and stretch requires gentle wisdom. If the human heart is not gentle, then the body exercise will be rigid and hard. In yoga, the mind is to connect and command the breath and the body.

Human life is about energy. This energy’s open switch is at the heart, a gentle open heart. Understand the wisdom of a gentle heart, it is easy:

  • To walk around in life, be able to bow down, work diligently, and show quality speechlessly;
  • To appreciate the beauty, texture, and connotation of yoga practice;
  • To accompany human health and mental growth from the beginning to the end;
  • To help human regain strength and increase self-confidence and they will take better care of their health, physically and mentally;
  • To make them master of regulating emotions, and the master of their own life.      

Maintain a warm and gentle heart, focus the soft mind on the breath, the human breath will guide the Qi and Blood flow through their body. Through Yoga meditation, deep, slow, and soft breath, and stretching practices, humans will gain a soft body, soft breath, and a softer heart.

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The Hollow Spine

Since humans began to walk upright, their bodily functions started to change, their vision started to change, and their relationship with the world also started to change. The human spine had evolved from being parallel to the ground to being perpendicular to the ground, marking a new milestone in the history of human civilization.

It took a long time for the human spine to evolve into an upright state. If it can only take some people a few decades of a lifetime to degenerate their spine back into a curved state that cannot naturally extend upward, it strongly announces the degeneration of their personal life, their healthy disappearance, and sicknesses.

On the contrary, a person with an upright flexible spine, regardless of age, is bound to sufficient Yang Qi, fast hands and feet, a flexible mind, and unlimited vitality.

Let’s observe the spine from the energy perspective. The spine is strong, firm, upright, and is a representative of Yang energy. According to the Yin and Yang theory, since there is Yin in Yang, is there Yin in the spine? The masculine spine, born hollow, is a passage and container for nerves, Qi meridians, and spinal cords. They are as hollow as the long bones of the human limbs that bear the weight and strength. The center of the masculine bone is hollow to accommodate the bone marrow with hematopoietic function. Blood, nerves, serving as the human body’s Yin-water energy system, nourish and regulate all the balance and development of the body, and develop the growth of the Yang energy out from the middle of the human abdomen area.

Empty space, be able to hold everything, is filled with the mysterious code of life.

From YiJing’s perspective, the spine connects to the deep sea of the north of the human body at its bottom and connects to the very south of the human brain at the top. As human life lies on the life water energy and the life fire energy, life quality is reflected in the spine’s health status.

For an elder, with his spine flexible in turning sideways, flexible in bending sideways, flexible in bending forwards and backwards, he could be like a newborn baby, be able to hold his feet to bite his toes at any time, and he must be a benevolent person, a kind person, and a longevity too.

The human bones are connected by ligaments and other tissues from the sacrum, coccyx, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical vertebrae. The health of the spine is largely determined by the flexibility of these tissues. Newborn babies are soft and moisturized, and elders have lost a big part of their water at the end of their lives and their bodies are no longer flexible. The process of keeping the body healthy is actually the process of keeping the body flexible.

The connection between the spines is like the connecting shaft between the animal and the cart in ancient times. This is the original intent and purpose of ancient Yoga. If Yoga is regarded as an exercise to train the bone and muscle systems, it is not what Yoga originally meant to be.

Traditional Chinese medicine has an old saying, “下医身体,中医气血,上医心” – ordinary doctors treat the body, medium doctors treat Qi and Blood, and first level doctors treat the heart. While in our daily life, we are the first-level doctor of ourselves who can treat our own body, treat our own Qi and Blood, and treat our own heart, unaffected by time, space, status, power, and wealth, equipped with knowledge and wisdom. And we are our only doctors who can determine to what level we can treat our health. Taking good care of our spine’s health is a secret shortcut in maintaining our body’s physical health.

After Yang Qi rises at the bottom of the spine, in the deep of the north sea of the human body, from the abdomen area and the reproductive systems, it will first reach the low back waist. Low back waist pain is an invisible attacker that has a wide and long-term impact on human health. There are different reasons for low back waist pain. An intuitive conclusion from the perspective of Chinese medicine is that the circulation of Qi and Blood around the lumbar spine has been obstructed for a long time, some Yin Qi stuck at the waist, and the meridians are not smooth.

For people in chronic waist pains, when meditation practice brings up their Qi and Blood energy, the energy will naturally climb up through the meridians along the back spine and it first reaches the waist area. When it is trying to break through the blocked Qi and Blood in the waist area, there will be some waist pain coming out first. This is a very good sign. Sensitive people can feel it and should conduct it positively through continuous meditation and back spine stretch.

Blocked Qi and Blood cause chronic pains, and to kill these chronic pains, it has to take some pains.

The waist, kidney, and the belly button where the human life connects with its mother’s before birth, are at the same area on the body, which is related to the vitality and creativity of life. The solar energy in the water of human life represents the natural vitality and creativity of human beings. Taking care of our waist, kidneys and reproductive system is related to personal health and human development. Taking care of our waist, kidneys and reproductive system is the foundation of taking good care of our water of life and fire of life energies.

The Yang Qi climbing up along the back spine, after passing the lumbar, above the belly button, it arrives at the bottom of the thoracic where the stomach, spleen, and liver are. This is the area where body Qi connects directly to the external energy supplies that come from nature to supplement the human body’s needs at the material level. Maintaining a good digestive system means having good materialized connections between the human body and nature.

Then the Yang Qi energy continues to rise and begins to touch the perceptual side of the world. At this stage, love from the heart becomes an unconditional link between self and the world. Through perceptual contact with the world, humans begin to experience the diversity and complexity of the world with their hearts, through love, or on the contrary, hatred.

As there is love, there must be hatred. The relationship between love and hatred is like Yin gives birth to Yang, and Yang will produce Yin. Neither of them can exist without the other’s existence.

In a world full of love, mankind is full of joy, gratitude, happiness, and meaningful true self-love. The heartbeat is consistent and resonates with the frequency of the world, and the positive energy of love emits a warm light brightening the world. It fires more love.

And at the same stage in this perceptual world, negative energy as the inseparable opposite of love also begins to emerge. With the appearance of hatred, humans have a series of complex feelings, such as sadness, anger, jealousy, betrayal, fear, loneliness, etc.

How does Mother Earth deal with her energy at heart? Mother Earth loves her children unconditionally.

Humans eat her, use her, dig her deep to obtain coal, extract her body oil, use her essence stores and natural gas Qi, destroy her soil, pollute her water resources, harvest from her but excrete to her, dump the garbage to her, consume, pollute and destroy her air… maybe also think of “leaving” her by collecting energies and resources from her which in fact is destroying her…

She accepts everything humans do to her with a broad heart. She provides her air for human’s breath; she provides her skin soil to grow food and green forests; she provides her water, oil, and blood for human to drink and live… She washes pollution with clean water, digests garbage with soil, filters and reproduces air with plants… She gives her core energy to support human society’s development; she gives her resourse for human’s dream of immigrating to other planets. After endlessly giving and accumulating too much negative damages in her body, will Mother Earth get sick too?

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Meditation Postures and Energy

Yoga meditation is an effective way to awaken the vitality of the fire energy of life deep under the body’s north sea. According to legend, there are about 84,000 different Yoga postures. Enlightened and became a Buddha under the Bodhi tree, Shakyamuni maintained in only one posture, meditation. Meditation is also a basic Taoist practice. The perfect pose, the diamond pose, and the lotus pose are the most practical meditation postures.

The Sanskrit of the perfect pose is siddhadasana. Siddha means “mastery” and “expert” and also refers to demigods. In their culture, Siddha possesses supreme purity and sacredness. And Siddha also possesses supernatural powers, the magical power of Yoga. Siddha also refers to respected saints, prophets, and sages.

This perfect asana is one of the most relaxing meditation postures in Yoga. It requires the opening pubic area and places the Qi and Blood of the lower limbs in a semi-locked state. The locked Qi and Blood are concentrated in the abdomen so that the Qi and Blood circulation in the abdomen and waist is strengthened, and the reproductive system and digestive system are nourished.

 The diamond pose, also called the knee sitting pose, means Vajrasana in Sanskrit. Vajra stands for diamond or thunder and lightning. The diamond pose almost locks all the Qi and Blood of the lower limbs and puts pressure on the thighs, knees, calves, ankles, and insteps. With almost half of the body’s nerve, Qi and Blood locked and centered in the abdominal area, this posture can do a lot benefits to the human body:

  1. Stimulates the stomach meridian, liver meridian, lung meridian in the lower limbs, so that it strengthens the spleen, promotes food digestion, nourishes the stomach, and smoothes the liver Qi.
  2. Nourishes the waist, treats waist pains, and strengthens the control of the spine.
  3. Relieves knee pain, prevents knee arthritis, and increases the elasticity and flexibility of knees and ankles.
  4. Opens up the meridians of the lower limbs, and opens the microcirculation of the feet, and expels the Yin stasis in the lower limbs and feet.
  5. Locks the Qi and Blood deep in the abdomen, nourishes the reproductive system deeply, and mobilizes the body’s Yang Qi energy.
  6. Drives away the devil in the heart and calms the mind.

People with knee and ankle problems are not recommended to practice the diamond pose. They can try the easier perfect pose.

The lotus pose, also called the Padmasana, is more than the combination of perfect pose and diamond pose. It not only locks the whole lower limbs’ nerves, Blood, and Qi, opens the pubic area, but also twists the lower limbs muscles, tendons and ligaments. It greatly slows down the blood flow in the legs, and a large amount of blood will be supplied to all the organs of the abdomen and chest. The nerves in the lumbar spine, sacrum, and hip bone are the first to benefit so that the central nerve is nourished and the entire nervous system is rejuvenated. It enables people to sit for a long time but staying still and alert. It relieves muscle tension and lower blood pressure. It can improve the flexibility of the legs, ankles, and hips, make the legs and the hips soft, and the entire lower limbs Qi and Blood flow very smoothly.

 Not all the poses are practical to all people. Start with the simplest posture and the ones that suit the body is the best strategy.

 A simple meditation posture can improve the body’s Qi and Blood, smooth the meridians, refresh the brain, and nourish body Yang energy. Just like the “Yi Jing” states: there are great principles in simplicity.

According to the philosophy of Yoga, there are 72,000 meridians (Sanskrit nadi, meaning meridians, and channels) in the body, and the Qi of life (Sanskrit Prana) circulates in these meridians. The meditation postures help clear these meridians and make them unobstructed.

Some scholars have verified that the term pyramid originated from ancient Greek, meaning “the fire of the center.” There is a saying in ancient Greeks that a geometric pyramid can gather cosmic energy and is an energy harvester. Modern science uses different terms to describe it: energy resonator and amplifier.     

More secrets of the pyramid are to be revealed. But, when we meditate, with the whole body shaped like a Pyramid, we set our body as a static energy collector that stimulates the source of life and gathers cosmic energy. We “block” mouth and ears, “close” eyes and nose, focus all attention on the slow breath, adjust the energy frequency of the body to be similar or consistent with the frequency of the universe.

Centered on the belly button, our innate opening to the universe, are the internal organs, the abdominal area, and the waist, harvesting energy stimulated and collected through meditation.

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Soul Mates💞

In the darkness, there always seems to be a force that drives us to find some power. It seems that this power must be found before life can begin to be peaceful and complete.

Everyone is unique.

There are only two kinds of people in the world: the ones who live out their own characteristics, and the ones who suppress their own characteristics.

Those who live out their own traits have a destined characteristic of controversy.

Their uniqueness means something that others do not have, and they do something the others cannot do.

They definitely encounter various inevitable trials, criticisms, and challenges, as long as they want to live out their uniqueness.

They are inevitably rebellious, abnormal, and going through hardships; be lonely, enjoy solitude, be helpless while staying strong.

And the soul mate is the person who can enter the truth of life with you, cherish your uniqueness, your rebellion, your abnormality, and your hardship.

Soul mate is the person who enters and feels the joy with you, tastes the bitterness and happiness together, makes mistakes the righteous with you, is determined to defend each other with you.

Find someone who nourishes your soul.🍁💧☕


Time, Space, and Matter in a 3-Dimensional World☯️

Time, space, and matter are the existence of the twin brothers of the trinity. They make up the entire universe in a 3-Dimensional world.

Space is the container of matter; matter is the entity of space, and time is the witness of the catalytic evolution and growth of space and matter.

A particle of dust, an atom, a ray of light, a planet, even a galaxy, are all manifestations of matter, and these things all exist in space.

Although space is inseparable from time, it is a form of existence opposite to time. After the Big Bang, the state of the universe began to emerge from nothing. The positional difference between objects is measured in space, expressed in terms of length, width, and height; position changes are measured by time, one-dimensional forward and never looking back.

Space is an attribute of matter and a measure of matter’s performance. How to prove the existence of this space? It is matter. Therefore, there is no space without matter, and there is no existence with matter but without space.

Our entire universe is filled with celestial matter molecules and atoms, but the density is different.

The movements of matters from high density to low density are called #change which never stops.

Morning, friends. ⭐🌙💧☕