“Tao Te Ching”《道德经》, my book of life!

The important thing about the book of life is that not only is it important, but you can always bump into something new within your every life course.

What is Tao”道”? Write this word in Chinese, first write “首”, which means the head, thought, or mind. Then write “之“, which stands for walk, behavior, or action. In total, the word Tao”道” is the symbol of the unity of knowledge and action/practice.

The second word De”德“ has the meaning of wisdom and morality.

“Tao Te Ching” is divided into “Tao chapter” and “Te chapter”. It is a general understanding that the “Tao chapter” is mainly a description of the law of the universe; And when it comes to morality, the “Te chapter”, is about how to guide our behavior when we know the rules of the universe.



How Can a Drop of Water Last Forever? Put It into the Sea!

This is also true of human beings. The highest level of silence (quietness) is to integrate ourselves into the space-time cycle in which all things work.

Our heart is the whole world. When we are full of joy, compassion, and tolerance, the positive energy of time and space will flow into our bodies.

Many geniuses succeed because of their instant inspiration. Many great inventions of mankind often come from instant inspiration. The essence of inspiration comes from the energy of time and space.

At this right time and this right place, we have to set our minds focusing on bringing out our invention, revolution, and creation. That’s the one project that if successful will render things to be much easier.

Stay positive. Figure out the pathway and build up the team.



心想事成: The Power of Human Mind

It is an old Chinese tradition that we send good wishes to relatives, friends, and colleagues on Lunar Chinese New Year Evening and the day after, very similar to what people do at Christmas.

Every year abundant luxury new words are used in expressing these good wishes, to align with an animal year theme, covering wealth, health, happiness, and success, not mentioning those emojis, images, and stickers.

I am a simple person, starting from paper card time into the digital age, I preferred to use the most simple idiom for all my connections for many years: “心想事成”.

Simply translate these four Chinese characters into English, they are “heart or mind”, “wish”, “things”, “become true or success”.

After all those years, simply following my heart has brought me to be who I am destined to be today. When looking back, I feel big relief from the journeys I have traveled, with all those good or not good.

But filling my heart with positive wishes and simply acted on it every day, is the biggest joy I am harvesting.

The human mind has the invisible power to transform impossible into possible.

Stay simple, stay positive. Let’s embrace the digital age and new technology.

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Your World, Your Choice

Do we regularly try to evaluate ourselves? Our Peace, Joy, Love, Reason, Acceptance, Willingness, Neutrality, Courage, Pride, Anger, Desire, Fear, Grief, Apathy, Guilt, and Shame? Or noticed we have a different combination of these elements at a different phase of our life? And noticed our value is embedded in the world we choose to be?

Are we normally Energetic, Excited, Enthusiastic, Focused, Diverse, Positive Challenging, Internal and External United, Self-driven Improving, and Improving others at the same time?

Are we positively shaping our capability in staying Quiet, Calm, Relaxed, Refreshed, Harmonious, Present, and Fully Rested?

Are we capable of handling our Anger, Doubt, Disappointment, Worry, Impatience, Stress, Negativity, Problems, and Relationship challenges?

Are we trapped or freed from Resentment, Regret, Guilt, Jealousy, Low Self-esteem, Despair, Frustration, Shame, Embarrassment, and Blame?

Despite all our purposes, ambitions, interests, benefits,…, we are the average of the 5 people we surrounded ourselves with.

Take a measure and shape it.

May we apply this to reflect and develop our business?