Skin, Lung, and Heart

The human body is wise, like a small cosmic world, while the universe is a big cosmic world. In this small cosmic world, everything is connected as a whole from the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s(TCM) point of view.

TCM thinks that the human skin is closely related to human Qi and Blood circulations systems.

For example, between the human skin and lung:

“…When people are sad, their sadness depresses lung Qi, also dissipates Yin energy, and shows symptoms such as colds and coughs. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lung is connected with the skin and hair; people with poor lungs have a deficiency of lung Qi and lack protection from the Qi of the skin. Not only does the skin lose its brilliance, but it is also particularly sensitive to allergies. Skin problems reflect lung problems, and lung problems are manifested on the skin. Skin allergies can be treated through the lungs, and massaging the skin can also treat lung problems…”

Between the human skin and heart:

“…Sweat is the liquid discharged from the skin after body fluid is vaporized by the transpiration of Yang Qi. The secretion and excretion of sweat also depend on the opening and closing effect of Qi on the body. When the skin sweat holes are open, sweat is excreted; when the sweat holes are closed, there is no sweat. Because sweat is transformed by body fluid, blood and body fluid come from the same source, so there is a saying that “sweat and blood have the same origin”.

      Sweat can reflect good or bad health, and it is wise to be vigilant when sweating is abnormal. Since sweat and blood are closely related in physiology, they also influence each other pathologically. As far as the relationship between sweat and blood is concerned, excessive sweating can drain blood and damage fluid. On the contrary, if the body fluid is weak and blood is insufficient, the source of sweat is insufficient. Excessive sweating consumes the Qi and Blood of the heart, so profuse sweating can also hurt people’s Yang Qi. On the contrary, when the heart’s blood is insufficient, it can also cause pathological sweating, spontaneous sweating, or night sweats…”

Does our #MotherEarth have her skin, lung, and heart? If she is having a fever on her skin, what happened to her body?


Sun and Moon in the Unity of Human and Heaven

The ancients were not entangled with trivial matters every day like modern people, nor did they have so many entertainments and daily distractions. In addition to solving their survival problem, their time and energy can be used to observe, record, and study the changes and movements of the world to find the most effective way for humans to adapt to further development.

The wisdom of the ancients is unimaginable, and the results of the magical accumulation effects over time of their long-term achievements are amazing.

Without civilization written words, papers, neither talking about computers, telescopes, and without guaranteed three meals a day, even without a stable home, the ancients could accurately describe how the operation of solar system of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury, as well as the sun and moon impact on the earth’s human beings and the entire earth’s environment. Considering such circumstances, all the knowledge they left us is worthy of our serious and humble sitting at the desk, studying and thinking.

The ancients long discovered that the unique time period of the world is related to the specific position of the earth in the solar system, such as day and night, 24 solar terms, four seasons, and years.

Day and night are the cycles of the earth’s rotation.

A year is the period of the earth’s revolution around the sun.

A month is the period of the moon’s revolution around the earth.

The four seasons are because when the earth rotates and revolves around the sun, there is a rotation angle.

Behind these time rhythms of solar terms and four seasons is the displacement change of the solar energy radiation received by the earth, through day and night, and through the four seasons of a year. Therefore, the changes of the four seasons of heaven and earth have the characteristics of consistent movement, and the rhythm of human physiological functions also changes with the movement of the four seasons of heaven and earth.

Human body is said to have about 365 acupoints, while there are 365 days in a year.

Human body has 4 limbs, while there are 4 seasons in a year.

Human body has 12 meridians, 12 pairs of cranial nerves, while there are 12 months in a year, and 24 hours in a day for modern people, and there were 12 hours a day for our ancestors since their one hour was our two hours; and there are 24 solar terms in a year, 12 of them is about the earth’s rotation cycle and the other 12 of them are about the change processes of the earth’s energy absorption and radiation.

Human body has 7 orifices for the senses, while there are 7 days in a week…

People in the Middle of Heaven and Earth

Referring back to the above figure of a typical 3-Yao Hexagram, the unity between heaven, earth, and human, are well reflected on the human body through all these numerical studies related to time systems and geographic systems, and the sun and the moon are playing very important roles in all these systems.

“Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon” described the circadian rhythm, the 7-day rhythm, the seasonal rhythm, the annual rhythm, the 60-years rhythm of human physiology and pathology. And there is a very interesting point that animals and humans have pregnancy cycles multiples of 7 days:

  • Chicken hatching eggs:  7×3 = 21 days
  • Cat pregnancy:  7×9 = 63 days
  • Rabbit pregnancy:  7×4 = 28 days
  • Tiger pregnancy:  7×15 = 105 days
  • Human pregnancy:  7×40 = 280 days

The ancient treatise stated that catching a cold, without treatment, as long as no complications, it can heal on its own in generally 7 days, otherwise extending to 7xn, 14 or 21 days, based on the body conditions and external conditions. They took the 7th day of a situation as a day for things to change into another complete situation. Does this have anything to do with the Six-Yao Hexagrams which defines the 7th stage of a situation as a new situation? Is it a coincidence that Christian Sunday is a rest day or an energy recovery day? Is it just a coincidence that both in the western and eastern cultures of human kind the 7th day means the new start of a new situation?

But, how does this universal law of 7-day rhythm develop? It is developed by the interaction of the earth and the moon.

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar has 4×7=28 days per month. It reflects the 4 tides in a month. Human ancestors originated from the ocean, most of the human body is composed of water, so the 7-day rhythm of the human body can also be regarded as the tide rhythm.

Following the natural changes, everything has a tidal effect, but only water has the strongest tidal effect. An important way of the energy cycle on the earth, flourishing the whole world, is through the water cycle, that is, the sun’s irradiation, the transpiration of seawater, the transportation of clouds, the falling back of rain and snow, and the convergence of land, returning from the river to the sea.

From this, can we refer to water that can more strongly absorb natural energy? Do changes in the energy of nature also affect the earth mainly through the water’s acting on the earth? The answer should not be a complete no. But according to the “Yi Jing”, water has a wider descriptive meaning. It not only represents the water, but also represents the Yin energy that is carried by Kan.

In the middle of a Kan, there is the rising Yang energy… Read More

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Summer – Fire – Heart

The summer solstice is the most northerly day of the year, and it is the extreme northward movement of the sun. On this day, the northern hemisphere receives the most solar radiation, nearly twice that of the southern hemisphere. After the summer solstice, the altitude of the sun at noon began to decrease day by day in the area north of the Tropic of Cancer and its north.

Mother Earth’s self-temperature control and regulation system is the most effective and scientific regulation system that has been deposited and tested over billions of years. It will not increase the surface temperature to the highest while the surface is getting the most sunlight. Instead, it presents a lagging slow temperature change process. While the atmosphere and the earth’s surface are continuing to absorb the sun’s heat, the center of the earth no longer emits energy. It begins to absorb and restore energy. Or, it is cooling down inside for its Yin to develop now.

We can intuitively understand such energy changes with Six-Yao Hexagrams as shown in the below figure. When Mother Earth’s external surface and air are warm, hot, getting enough Yang energy from the sun, its internal is cooling down with the first Yin rises.

Yin Rises in the Deep Middle of Yang

Let’s try to interpret the Yin and Yang energy change process from a philosophical perspective. Does it mean that when Yang is at its peak, Yin will be produced in Yang? When something develops to an extreme situation, a new opposite thing will naturally sprout out within it?

An undeniable fact is that the sun, the earth, the moon, and nature, day after day, year after year, are proving and repeating this unchanging cosmic law. Is this law suitable for humans? We need to understand that humans are part of nature. Humans cannot live without the sun, the moon, the earth, and nature.

What if humans relocate to another planet? Does that mean humans will be escaping from the control of nature? Or, escape from the control of the universe? Or, human beings control the universe?

Now we will talk about the fire that we need to cook our life of water. But before we dive deep, we must understand that the fire of Li not only just means human heart, it has a broader meaning, including head, brain, eyes, mind, thoughts, and souls.

But, talking back, we never took the human heart, head, and mind as two independent and unrelated things. When we say that we are putting someone or something in our heart, it is not that our heart is physically big enough to hold someone or something, but that we put people or things in our minds. The heart and the mind stand for the same meaning in many cases and this does not differ due to differences in Eastern and Western culture or religious beliefs.

Human heart carries the fire Li energy.

Chinese medicine has a saying that the heart is “the king of the kingdom of the human body”. In the early stage of the human embryo, the heart started to work. At the end of life, it is the heart at the last moment of work. The heart never stops working in human life. It never stops the blood circulation to transport fresh Yang Qi, oxygen, and nutrients to every cell of the body and transports the exhaust gas and waste materials away from the cells. As part of the human body’s fluid system, blood belongs to Kan water.

This Li fire never stops in human life, just like the human body has its own water all the time. We only need to maintain them at an excellent performance level.

Human heads, thoughts, minds, and souls are Li energy too.

Human thoughts, minds and souls reflect as human emotions intuitively. Through the action of the cranial nervous system, human emotions are connected to the secretion of body fluids and hormones in various organs of the human body. Together with the action of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, it controls all physiological and physical changes in the human body.

To fire the Li energy well, means to well control human emotions to produce hormones that are good for the body, but not toxins fluid that is harmful to the body. This fire is under the control of our hearts.

From the heart’s point of view, it silently cooperates with the changes in human’s emotions at the speed of the heartbeat; it gets nervous because of fear, or relaxed because of joy and happiness…

The “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon” points out that the heart is “生之本,神之变也”, indicating that the heart is the foundation of life, and at the same time it is in charge of people’s spiritual mind activities. It tells that the heart governs blood vessels and controls the blood system of the whole body. 

Clinical studies have found that when people feel angry and desperate, the body secretes a large number of stress hormones such as cortical and adrenaline, which leads to neurological dysfunction, hyper-function of the sympathetic nervous system, and increases the heart rate, and results in high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, gastrointestinal disorders, headaches, waist and back pains, decreased saliva production, faster but shorter breathing, frequent urination, and other phenomena. It also affects the activity of white blood cells and reduces human immune function.

From a Chinese Medicine point of view, it relates to emotions of joy and hatred. Hatred hurts the heart. The general hatred is sent out from the inside of the heart, while the Qi it produces is gathered inwards, which is particularly likely to cause a series of diseases such as panic, heartbeat, coronary heart disease, and so on.

The human body has two meridians related to the heart: the heart channel and the pericardial channel. The heart channel is related to the mind; the pericardial channel is related to the controls of blood. 11 am – 13 pm, when the two heart meridians are on duty, it is the most critical daily time for heart care. About half an hour after a meal, if the pericardium is properly massaged, it can increase the blood supply to the heart and effectively protect the heart. This method is a good health-care trick suitable for everyone in need.

Noon is also when body Yang Qi is strongest in a day. 15-20 minutes of napping is a good opportunity to balance and relax the body and save energy for people who cannot sleep early at night. But too long napping will disturb the body’s biological clock and cause insomnia at night.

The tongue is the organ that the heart expresses in the five senses. Heart disease usually causes symptoms such as tongue inflexibility and tongue curling. Slips and often wrong words are also signs of lack of heart energy. “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon” states that if the heart is sick, the cheekbones will become red.

Heart disease can also be manifested in sudden redness in the center between the eyebrows. If the pattern is like a lantern, there may be a sudden illness. It is not a good thing that the center between the eyebrows is black. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is quite a lot of kidney water that prevents the heart-fire function. Now, we can completely understand that this is a very dangerous signal. We must be careful about the color changes of the center between the eyebrows in our daily lives.

Sweat is the liquid discharged from the skin after body fluid is vaporized by the transpiration of Yang Qi. The secretion and excretion of sweat also depend on the opening and closing effect of Qi on the body. When the skin sweat holes are open, sweat is excreted; when the sweat holes are closed, there is no sweat. Because sweat is transformed by body fluid, blood and body fluid come from the same source, so there is a saying that “sweat and blood have the same origin”.

Sweat can reflect good or bad health, and it is wise to be vigilant when sweating is abnormal. Since sweat and blood are closely related in physiology, they also influence each other pathologically. As far as the relationship between sweat and blood is concerned, excessive sweating can drain blood and damage fluid. On the contrary, if the body fluid is weak and blood is insufficient, the source of sweat is insufficient. Excessive sweating consumes the Qi and Blood of the heart, so profuse sweating can also hurt people’s Yang Qi. On the contrary, when the heart’s blood is insufficient, it can also cause pathological sweating, spontaneous sweating, or night sweats.

When we are caring about how our life fire cooks our life water, there are some factors we should watch: the fire burning efficiency, a red fire or blue fire, and the smoke the fire produces. Is the smoke transparent, colorless, and tasteless, or black, choking and poison? Human life’s quality is reflected by not only how this life fire cooks its own water, but more importantly, if it gives healthy warm energy to the world instead of leaving harmful poison damages to the others.

“The heart governs the spirit”, “etiquette corresponds to the heart/mind”, to nurture our heart, we must nurture our virtue. The highest state of nurturing the heart lies in cultivating the mind, which in the final is to purify the soul.

Here let’ share a story of how heart medicine saves an “over-happy” heart.

In the Qing Dynasty, a scholar who got the No. 1 scholarship in the National Selection Exam was too happy and went crazy and couldn’t stop laughing.

A famous doctor said to him after seeing: “Your illness can’t be cured, and you only have ten days to live now. Go home quickly, or it will be too late. When you pass Zhenjiang city, please go to visit Doctor Xu, he will see you again.” At the same time, he wrote a letter and asked the scholar to give it to the doctor Xu.

When the scholar arrived in Zhenjiang city, his illnesses from laughing wildly healed already. Doctor Xu opened the letter: “This scholar is ecstatic from ‘over-happiness’, resulting in his mind and heart cannot be closed back. As there is no medication that can cure him, I made him panic and melancholy with alarm words to open his heart and expected him to be cured when he arrived in your city of Zhenjiang ”.

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Long Summer – Soil – Stomach and Spleen

When we use the earth soil element from the Five Essential Elements to analyze the earth’s structures and its related life systems, the soil means the crust and mantle layers of our Mother Earth.

Between Mother Earth’s core, the fire, and surface, the water and air, lays the soil, the crust and mantle layers. Use a metaphor to compare this to how human life’s fire cooks its life water, the soil plays a safeguard role as the container of water, prevents the fire from directly burning the water into vapor, and also prevents the water from directly extinguishing the fire. The better quality the container has, the longer and safer the cooking can last.

No matter in what season, no matter at what stage of energy cycle change, it has the same important role. Ever since Mother Earth’s acquired life started, the soil started its important role.

Since humans live in the middle of the sun and the earth, are they supposed to or are they playing the role of protecting the sun and the earth too?

Chinese medicine tells that spleen and stomach together are playing this soil role on a human body. They represent the foundation of a human’s acquired life.

Modern people’s living conditions are getting better and better, but their stomachs are getting worse and worse. From Chinese medicine point of view, the stomach cannot be separated from the spleen. The “spleen” in Chinese medicine has the function of digesting and transporting nutrients. Therefore, the spleen and stomach are collectively referred to as “the foundation of acquired nature”.

The spleen and stomach are the key to the biochemistry of Qi and Blood in the human body. Deficiency of the spleen causes all kinds of diseases. Chinese medicine tells that the spleen and stomach have four fears:

  1. They are afraid of cold food;
  2. They are afraid of raw food;
  3. They are afraid of overeating;
  4. They are afraid of being angry.

Why do Chinese people think the stomach does not like cold food? Why Chinese people drink warm water even in summer? It is because they know how human life energy changes in the human body. And this human body life energy change process follows the same rule and pattern as our Mother Earth’s energy change processes.

Because they know, for example, in summer, when the outer environment is so hot and humid when people feel their body is so hot, deep inside their body, Yin Qi is rising quietly. Yin starts in the middle of extreme Yang! So, when people drink cold water, eating cold food, their body will very quickly absorb these cold Yin energies. Excessive Yin will either damage their body’s Yang Qi, or be stored in internal organs, joints, or in the belly. Once the Yin Qi is rooted inside the human body, it will be extremely difficult to move it out.

When the excessive Yin Qi is in internal organs, it blocks the organ functions. When it is in the joints, it disables people’s activity capabilities. When it is in the human abdomen, since our reproductive system is born to like to be supported and surrounded by warmth, our body will produce a lot of fats to surround the abdomen and waist to safeguard the reproductive function. Our body’s north, Kan water, in the abdominal area, always needs to be safeguarded in warmth while our body’s south, Li fire, head, is okay to be naked in winter.

When Yin energy quietly rises inside the human body, while the outside of the body is hot, people are having poor digestion, poor appetite, and easy diarrhea. This is why humans normally lose weight in summer. The root cause is because of the body Yin Qi and improper eating habits. In China, many people enjoy eating hot pot in the hot summer. It is not a bad choice.

In winter, while the internal body life Yang Qi is rising, humans also need a lot of heat to resist the cold winter, they naturally get a good appetite and good digestion. Winter is the season when the body gains weight unconsciously. What is the feeling of eating ice cream in winter? The ice cream in the malls is not selling well in winter.

Thinking it from another point of view:

The most suitable temperature for human stomach digestion is the body temperature 36.5°. In the hot summer, when Yin Qi sprouts in the body, and when large glasses of iced drinks and raw food are poured down to the stomach, the momentary psychological pleasure is satisfied, but all the problems are left to the stomach and spleen. Should they consume the body’s energy, Qi and Blood, to heat the food before digesting them? Or should the stomach and spleen change their original characteristics to work at a lower temperature? This refreshing choice of iced drink and raw food does not need to go through the brain, but the stomach needs to grow an effective brain, plus a fast temperature regulator, plus a quick powerful heater so it can barely complete its basic functions.

The same situation only happens once, not a problem; occasionally, small problems; frequently, big problems. What is the result of the big problem? Is it the stomach-ache? Ha! But the interesting result might be the human’s getting fat, a weak and unhealthy fat. Or, humans will get skinny and sickly, based on different people’s different Qi and Blood circulation weaknesses. Therefore, it is recommended by traditional Chinese medicine doctors to eat fewer fruits and raw salad, avoid icy drinks and eat more protein-rich cooked foods, grains, eggs, noodles, milk…

Take a further step, outside the nervous system, the stomach is the organ with the most nerve cells in the human body. It is very sensitive to external stimuli and is the largest “emotional organ” in the human body. “Anxiety hurts the heart and lungs, and depression hurts the stomach and intestines.” Once a person is depressed, it is easy to cause his loss of appetite, fullness, and nausea, or go to the other extreme and overeating. This is a huge harm to the stomach and intestines. Chinese medicine also believes that the liver grows the spleen. When the liver is not depressed, the spleen is not weak. Therefore, to nourish the spleen and stomach, you must control your emotions, do not get angry, and minimize your temper.

To have a healthy stomach, Chinese medicine tells us: every day at 7-9 am, the stomach meridian is on duty. With active Qi and Blood flowing through, it gives a good time to nourish the stomach. The best thing we should do is to eat a good breakfast on time. Although in real life, it is a busy time between 7- 9 am for people to rush to school and work and it is easy to neglect breakfast.

From traditional Chinese medicine’s point of view, human gastrointestinal activity is strongest during 7-9 am, and the support of food will make this gastrointestinal meridian compensated by Qi and Blood. On another hand, this is the time the sun rises, when the Yang Qi between heaven and earth occupies a dominant position, as well as in the human body. Eating breakfast during 7-9 am makes it easiest to digest and absorb, and strengthens the body Yang Qi.

Furthermore, why is there more and more Gastric Ulcer? Scientists had one experiment: by hanging a monkey and stimulating it to keep it in constant anxiety, soon the monkey has a gastric ulcer. Scientific experiments, electroencephalography, X-ray, and biochemistry were used to study the cause of this disease on this monkey and scientists found that the occurrence of gastric disease is closely related to the overexcitation of the cerebral cortex and autonomic dysfunction.

Why do humans get a gastric ulcer? It is because of no fresh blood in the stomach! And fresh blood is the best “cure” containing antibodies, phagocyte cells, and nutrition. But why is there not enough fresh blood in the stomach? “The Emperor’s Yellow Canon” says: anger hurts the liver. If a person is constantly angry and complaining, the liver slowly accumulates turbid gas. As the liver and gallbladder are connected, the turbid gas will be transmitted to the gallbladder, then to the stomach.

Excessive thinking and unsuccessful thinking will affect the normal operation of Qi, and the Qi will be out of balance, resulting in Qi stagnation. This leads to abdominal distension, nausea, loss of appetite, and dizziness. When people think endlessly, they inhibit gastric acid secretion. When they are angry, it stimulates gastric acid secretion. That’s why “anger” prevails over “over-thinking” and “missing”.

Think about everything in the world, each has its own laws and walks in its own way. We should be happy when we live between heaven and earth. Grateful for the world, give us life; grateful for all things, provide us with the necessities of life, and give us happiness. Always think about the good of others, be grateful, kind, and happy, so that the mood will naturally open, the liver will naturally be smooth, and the spleen will be healthy. This is also the way to nourish the spleen.

The mouth is the organ that the spleen expresses in the five senses. People with spleen disease will have yellow lips or yellow around the lips, peeling lips, bleeding and other symptoms, which are caused by excessive Yang Qi and dry fire.

The thinner part of saliva protects and cleans the mouth. There is more salivation when eating, and it can also moisturize and dissolve food, making it easy to swallow and digest. If the spleen and stomach are not in harmony, it often leads to a sharp increase in salivary secretion.

Do we ever care about Mother Earth’s stomach? Does Mother Earth get angry too? Does she have a digestive problem?

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Stretch the Body, Stretch the Mind

From TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine)’s point of view, meridians and Qi and Blood circulation are complementary. Healthy meridians lead Qi and Blood to be smooth, and the internal organs will become healthy. Good Qi and Blood circulation promote meridian functionalities.

Stretching is a method of independent health management besides meditation.

With proper stretching, people can dredge meridians and strengthen the circulation of Qi and Blood, thereby improving various acute and chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gynecological disease, heart disease, prostate disease, bone misalignment, and pain due to contraction of the muscles.

Taoism has a saying: “For every inch of tendon extension, the life can be extended for ten years”, Longevity usually has soft tendons and bones.

If you often feel pain in the waist and neck, numbness in the hands and feet, and minor physical problems, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is probably due to contraction of the muscles and tendon. Facts have proved that after long-term adherence to stretching exercises, the pains are reduced or even disappeared and the body gets flexible.

There are many things in life that require tender wisdom from a gentle body and a gentle heart. There are a lot of words, a lot of anger, a lot of suffering, a lot of desires, many emotions in life which require tenderness and gentleness, to bring people balanced energy.

Soft and gentleness are a kind of mind, a kind of comprehension, a kind of life, and a kind of wisdom of rules. The beginning of yoga practice in meditation and stretch requires gentle wisdom. If the human heart is not gentle, then the body exercise will be rigid and hard. In yoga, the mind is to connect and command the breath and the body.

Human life is about energy. This energy’s open switch is at the heart, a gentle open heart. Understand the wisdom of a gentle heart, it is easy:

  • To walk around in life, be able to bow down, work diligently, and show quality speechlessly;
  • To appreciate the beauty, texture, and connotation of yoga practice;
  • To accompany human health and mental growth from the beginning to the end;
  • To help human regain strength and increase self-confidence and they will take better care of their health, physically and mentally;
  • To make them master of regulating emotions, and the master of their own life.      

Maintain a warm and gentle heart, focus the soft mind on the breath, the human breath will guide the Qi and Blood flow through their body. Through Yoga meditation, deep, slow, and soft breath, and stretching practices, humans will gain a soft body, soft breath, and a softer heart.

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Human Palms Bring Warmth

In TCM’s point of view, human palms are the indicator of body health and they bring natural warmth to people’s lives. With ten fingers connected to the body through meridians, hand temperature is closely related to human physical, even mental health.

When children feel afraid, parents hold them hands in hands. When the warmth of the palms passes over, the fear would dissipate. When the human stomach aches, putting a warm palm on the belly and gently massage, the pain will be relieved. When patients with rheumatism feel pain in their knees, they like to sit down and cover their knees with warm palms. Through this simple action, they feel better. After long-distance hiking, people prefer to sit down to rest, and naturally cover their knees with their hands. The tired knee joints will get energy back in a while. People with headaches prefer to cover the area of the headache with their palms…

The elders tell us: The temperature of the palm is neither too high nor too low. It is warm and peaceful, and it provides not only warmth but also invisible meridian energies. When the affected body part receives the supplement of these energies, it will be repaired naturally. 

From the perspective of an old Chinese medicine practitioner, the hands are the starting and ending points of part of the meridians, which are closely related to the body organs. Acupuncture points on the hands connect the meridians throughout the body and are the most direct window to reflect the health of the human body.

When people shake hands with different people, they notice that people’s palm temperatures are slightly different. How is this different palm temperature telling different body health conditions? How about other palm symptoms? There are some experiences that the traditional Chinese medicine has collected over time:

a. Cold palms:

Cold palms indicate that the body is weak in the spleen and the body is having weak Qi and Blood. Whether it is cold palms when the weather is cold, or cold palms throughout the year, this already indicates a health problem. The spleen is the source of Qi and Blood biochemistry. If the spleen is weak, the flow of the body’s Qi and Blood will be abnormal, and then blood circulation will be impeded. The impeded blood circulation will directly result in less blood and warmth reaching the end of hands and feet that are far from our heart, and hands and feet will be cold.

TCM Suggestion: Chinese medicine recommends that we choose some foods that warm the spleen and body Yang Qi, such as red dates, ginger, beef and mutton. In addition, exercise should be strengthened. Above all, maintain a balanced Yin and Yang energy is the key.

b. Sweaty palms:

Some people are prone to sweating in the palms and soles of the feet, and even sticky palms and soles all day long, sometimes accompanied by symptoms such as irritability and dryness of the throat. This may be a manifestation of heart and kidney deficiency of Yin Qi.

TCM Suggestion: To nourish kidney Yin Qi and heart Yin Qi, eat more foods that can nourish Yin Qi, such as mackerel, goat milk, yogurt, clams, tofu, spinach, white fungus, enoki mushroom, straw mushroom, oyster mushroom, sago, sticky rice, black fungus, and ensure adequate sleep.

In addition, rice vinegar and warm water can be used to soak hands and feet, which is very effective in improving this symptom.

c. Dry and peeling palms:

Many people have peeling palms and even dry and crack skin of fingers and palms when it comes to autumn. In fact, these are not simply because of body water shortages, but lack of nutrients in the skin caused by poor body Qi and Blood. Dry palms will cause more dead skin to peel off or chapped skin.

TCM Suggestion: Don’t be greedy for cold and raw foods, but eat more foods that nourish Qi and Blood, such as dried longan, red dates, etc. It is also necessary to take care of the hands, such as hydrating and moisturizing the hands, and apply more hand cream in autumn and winter times.

d. Shaking hands:

There are many reasons for hand trembling. Some people experience hand tremor when they are mentally stressed, emotional or extremely tired. Once these emotional factors are eliminated, the hand tremor will disappear. And some people will often shake hands while eating, writing…, this kind of shaking hands may be related to thyroid disease, Parkinson’s syndrome, brain nerve and upper limb neuropathy.

TCM Recommendations: Pay attention to controlling emotions; well-balanced work and rest; seek medical advice and treat symptoms in time for different situations.

e. Hands are often numb:

Cerebral arteriosclerosis will slow down the conduction speed of nerves, reduce the local blood and oxygen supply of the brain, and cause central dysfunction, which may cause hand numbness. Numbness in hands and feet may also be caused by diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Cervical spondylosis can also cause numbness of hands and feet. In addition, lacking of B vitamins may cause some elderly people peripheral neuritis and numbness of their hands and feet. TCM Recommendation: Find out the specific cause and treat the symptoms. Pay attention to supplement B vitamins.

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Energy Cycle and Water Cycle🌞

We know that following the natural changes, everything has a tidal effect, but only water has the strongest tidal effect.

From this, can we refer that water can more strongly absorb natural energy? Do changes in the energy of nature also affect the earth mainly through the water’s actings on the earth?

An important way of the energy cycle on the earth, flourishing the whole world, is through the water cycle, that is, the sun’s irradiation, the transpiration of seawater, the transportation of clouds, the falling back of rain and snow, and the convergence of land, returning from the river to the sea.

The human body is a microcosm of the earth. Water occupies 70% of the earth’s surface and 70% of the human body, and their chemical compositions are similar.

By analogy to humans, we know that natural changes mainly affect the human body through water that acts on the human body. The many physiological cycles of a person are a microcosm of the natural cycle in the human body.

The meridian theory of Chinese medicine describes channels based on water circulation; as well as the ancient wisdom in the highest state of human moral spirits.

The universe is the greatest magician.

Good morning, my friends!🌞💧☕


Chiropractic Therapy💖

Chiropractic is traditional Chinese massage therapy with a history of nearly 1000 years.

Chiropractic can promote Yang Qi, nourish deficiency, smooth the meridians, and regulate gastrointestinal function. It is the treatment of fatigue, weight loss, insomnia, poor appetite, indigestion, coldness, susceptibility to colds, shoulder and back pain, etc.

Chiropractic is widely used in children’s massage. It can not only treat children’s poor appetite, indigestion, diarrhea but also promote children’s functional development and resistance to disease.

The best time for chiropractic is in the morning or before going to bed, and relax muscles first.

Method: Starting from the tail vertebra, both hands along both sides of the spine, thumbs & index fingers facing each other, pinch the skin while pushing a little bit, then repeat, forward till to the neck without stopping in the middle, then the hands slide down along the spine back to the tail vertebra. Repeat 6 times.

TCM says, “Where it pains, where it blocks”.

We find that some people like chiropractic and some don’t. Why?

Because the pain level of chiropractic is different on different people. Some people still feel back pain after 2 or 3 days, but it will gradually disappear.

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The Ancestor of Medicine Is Music

Beautiful music can cultivate people’s sentiments, purify people’s hearts, and give people wonderful enjoyment. But, do you know music might originally be created for healing?

For the Chinese word “药”-medicine, if we look into its ancient way of spelling, it is “藥”. Unscramble this word “藥”, it contains two simple words: “草”-grass at the top, and “乐” music/happiness at the bottom. It tells the interesting invention of the characters of medicine“药” in Chinese: Medicines are grasses grown from music. That’s a vivid description of Chinese herbal medicines.

People’s ability to accept sound starts when a baby is in its mother’s belly. And ears are the first to “open up” of the five senses. An unborn baby can hear its mother’s heartbeat, breathing and speaking voice. This is part of the reason for “fetus education” – letting pregnant moms listen to music.

The book “Water Knows the Answer” tells the amazing experiment results of making water crystallize while listening to music:

“The crystallization of the water listening to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony is as beautiful and neat as this song; listening to Mozart’s Symphony No. 40, it shows a gorgeous beauty. Listening to Chopin’s “Farewell”, its exquisite beauty is simply amazing.”

On the contrary, “When the water listens to heavy metal music full of anger and resistance, the shape of the crystals is messy and broken. When listening to messy rock music, it crystallizes into cancer cells, ugly and disgusting. ”

Water occupies more than half of the human body. When it resonates with happy, relaxed, and calming music, it becomes the best antidote to human illnesses too. The happiness that classical music brings to people does not lie in whether it expresses sadness or joy but comes from people’s kind and righteous thoughts. It inspires knowledge that promotes human nature; achieves mentality, and a good body condition.

Different Standpoints👣

There was an old conversation:

Tang Taizong(598—649)asked Xu Jingzong: “Of all the civilian and military officers, you are one of the most virtuous, but there are still people who are constantly talking about your fault in front of me. Why?”

Xu Jingzong answered:

“Spring rain is as expensive as oil. Farmers love it because it nourishes the crops, but people who walk on the road hate it because it makes the road muddy.

The autumn moon is like a round of mirrors shining in all directions. The geniuses and beauties appreciate the moon with joy and poetry, but the thieves hate it. They are afraid of their ugly behavior showed under the moonlights.

Even the omnipotent nature cannot satisfy everyone, let alone an ordinary person?”

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