Water and Fire in the Unity of Human and Heaven

From the Taoist’s rigorous and rich description of Qi, Yin and Yang: In the vast universe, tens of billions of years ago, some forms of huge air current slowly liquefied and accumulated under the impetus of a huge energy force. As the energy density flows further, the liquefied matter was mutually absorbed and condensed. This huge liquid mass slowly solidified and wrapped together, and a three-dimensional structure began to appear, as the measurement of the space, and evolving into a sphere. Under the interaction of various internal and external energies, with its own energy density flow internally and externally, its movement started its rotating, and then very slowly a fixed structure with the east, the west, the north, and the south, the inside, and the outside began to periodically and physically appear in a certain way, accompany its rotations and its energy fields.

While the thermal energy in the center of the earth gradually stabilized, the surface became a relatively low-temperature structure. Under the action of energy flow, the liquid matter differentiated into a variety of different energy elements, the sprouting Five Essential Elements of the very young earth started to merge.

As a new life in the universe, although alternatively, it might be just one little cell on a huge body, the earth started to “breath”. It started to absorb and release its own energy between its internal and external. The essential elements moved and formed into new objects and new lives following the earth’s energy flow.

This was about the time plants started to exist on a very young liquidized earth while some of the Five Essential Elements formed into the mountains, mantle, and oceans. Over billions of years, the young earth not only can breathe between internal and external through its energy absorbing and releasing, but it also has its circulatory system and muscles, the rivers, and underground air and fluids. The geological layers of the earth began to form. While the earth was growing, deep in its water, some new kinds of lives started their existence.

Taoism thinks that the original innate energy that forced the bulk forms of liquid to gather together was Qian, which is infinite and everlasting, also called Tao. And the liquid was like Kan, which carries the energy from Qian and formed into the early liquid earth Kun. Baby earth stored the Qian Yang in the deep center of it. This Yang energy was earth’s essential acquired energy Li. This gives us a very easy way to understand that Kan means the water, Li means the fire.

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What about human embryonic development? Is it following the same development process as how Mother Earth got her birth and growth? Just like how a generation inherites life codes through DNA from the older generations? It’s similar as described in how a new life could be generated in Taoism books. But today, with modern medicine and life sciences, we can tie them together.

Father’s sperm, carrying Yang energy from the universe, active and strong, swims in a liquid environment to meet mother’s egg, still and soft, with its Yin characters. Only when a force of strong innate Qian merged with the active sperm shall the sperm and egg be fertilized into a new life. This new life starts from the mother’s abdomen, the north, the Kan, gets nurtured by the mother’s Qi and Blood. The new life is like a vigorous, tempting, and thriving force of up-forward growing new energy, and has all the characters of Yang Qi energy. The new life first appears as a group of cells in a liquid environment, then the head and heart started to appear, which belong to Li. With life’s fire started from water, Kan, the other organs follow to appear as well as the four limbs, finally the skin. Once the birth is given, it starts its full acquired Kun life.

According to modern science, the human body is a microcosm of the earth. Water occupies 70% of the earth’s surface and 70% of the human body, and their chemical compositions are similar. By analogy to humans, we know that natural changes mainly affect the human body through water that acts on the human body. The many physiological cycles of a person are a microcosm of the natural cycle in the human body.

The meridian theory of Chinese medicine describes channels based on water circulation. And the ancestor’s highest wisdom is in categorizing human moral spirits as the same as the innate natural energy force, the fire energy.

Now, can we say that the universe is the greatest magician, and humans are in incredible perfect harmonized unity with nature?

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Qi and Blood are like Twin Brothers

Qi and Blood are like twin brothers. This intimate relationship makes them both irreplaceable to each other, mutually depend on, support, restrict, and complement each other. And this mutual relationship is just like the relationship between:

Bones and Muscles
Head and Feet
Man and Woman
Water and Fire
Current and Voltage
Electricity and Magnetism
Odd and Even
Core and Surface
Sun and Moon
Day and Night
Time and Space

Blood is easy for us to understand from the modern scientific point of view. It represents the body fluid circulation systems. It stands for the materialized life-supplies the human body gets from nature. How to understand Qi? It is the invisible energy on the human body. It resides in the invisible spaces inside the human body, which Traditional Chinese Medicine calls the meridians.

Let us use some vivid metaphors to further understand what is this Qi-and-Blood:

  • If a river is like the Blood, the hydropower it carries is the Qi and the riverbed is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a current is like the Blood, the electricity it carries is the Qi; and the electric circuit is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a tree is like the Blood, the green energy is sent out is the Qi; and the branches and leaves are the “space of its meridian”
  • If a piece of music is like the Blood, the happiness it brings is the Qi; and the voice and melody are the “space of its meridian”
  • If a business is like the Blood, the positive social value it generates is the Qi; and the people, office, and the business process are the “space of its meridian”
  • If the wind is like the Blood, the air energy it carries is the Qi; and the air space is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a fire is like the Blood, the heat and light it sends out is the Qi; the flame and the moving air are the “space of its meridian”
  • If the underground oil is like the Blood, the petroleum energy it holds is the Qi; the underground space is the “space of its meridian”
  • If the wifi signal is like the Blood, the e-intelligence it enables is the Qi; the electromagnetic wave is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a network online game is like the Blood, the entertainment and the advantage/disadvantage it brings is the Qi; the internet is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a fraud business trap is like the Blood, the harms it sends out is the Qi; the society and environment it resides in is the “space of its meridian”
  • If a war is the Blood, the damage or refreshment it brings is the Qi; business, economy, technology, or cities, countries, regions, even the whole world is the “space of its meridian”

Every people and everything has its own Qi and Blood. The invisible Qi energy can be good, uprising, warm, positive Yang Qi, or bad, downward, cold, and negative Yin Qi. And this Qi energy resides in the materialized human body or in a materialized external world.

The human body’s condition is strongly reflected in its fluid circulation systems. As, the human body is 70% of water, which is exactly the same as that of our Mother Earth, whose energy pattern of Qi and Blood determines human’s energy pattern.

A balanced Qi and Blood system indicates a balanced body and mind, a balanced life, as well as a balanced Yin and Yang in a human life.

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Meditation Postures and Energy

Yoga meditation is an effective way to awaken the vitality of the fire energy of life deep under the body’s north sea. According to legend, there are about 84,000 different Yoga postures. Enlightened and became a Buddha under the Bodhi tree, Shakyamuni maintained in only one posture, meditation. Meditation is also a basic Taoist practice. The perfect pose, the diamond pose, and the lotus pose are the most practical meditation postures.

The Sanskrit of the perfect pose is siddhadasana. Siddha means “mastery” and “expert” and also refers to demigods. In their culture, Siddha possesses supreme purity and sacredness. And Siddha also possesses supernatural powers, the magical power of Yoga. Siddha also refers to respected saints, prophets, and sages.

This perfect asana is one of the most relaxing meditation postures in Yoga. It requires the opening pubic area and places the Qi and Blood of the lower limbs in a semi-locked state. The locked Qi and Blood are concentrated in the abdomen so that the Qi and Blood circulation in the abdomen and waist is strengthened, and the reproductive system and digestive system are nourished.

 The diamond pose, also called the knee sitting pose, means Vajrasana in Sanskrit. Vajra stands for diamond or thunder and lightning. The diamond pose almost locks all the Qi and Blood of the lower limbs and puts pressure on the thighs, knees, calves, ankles, and insteps. With almost half of the body’s nerve, Qi and Blood locked and centered in the abdominal area, this posture can do a lot benefits to the human body:

  1. Stimulates the stomach meridian, liver meridian, lung meridian in the lower limbs, so that it strengthens the spleen, promotes food digestion, nourishes the stomach, and smoothes the liver Qi.
  2. Nourishes the waist, treats waist pains, and strengthens the control of the spine.
  3. Relieves knee pain, prevents knee arthritis, and increases the elasticity and flexibility of knees and ankles.
  4. Opens up the meridians of the lower limbs, and opens the microcirculation of the feet, and expels the Yin stasis in the lower limbs and feet.
  5. Locks the Qi and Blood deep in the abdomen, nourishes the reproductive system deeply, and mobilizes the body’s Yang Qi energy.
  6. Drives away the devil in the heart and calms the mind.

People with knee and ankle problems are not recommended to practice the diamond pose. They can try the easier perfect pose.

The lotus pose, also called the Padmasana, is more than the combination of perfect pose and diamond pose. It not only locks the whole lower limbs’ nerves, Blood, and Qi, opens the pubic area, but also twists the lower limbs muscles, tendons and ligaments. It greatly slows down the blood flow in the legs, and a large amount of blood will be supplied to all the organs of the abdomen and chest. The nerves in the lumbar spine, sacrum, and hip bone are the first to benefit so that the central nerve is nourished and the entire nervous system is rejuvenated. It enables people to sit for a long time but staying still and alert. It relieves muscle tension and lower blood pressure. It can improve the flexibility of the legs, ankles, and hips, make the legs and the hips soft, and the entire lower limbs Qi and Blood flow very smoothly.

 Not all the poses are practical to all people. Start with the simplest posture and the ones that suit the body is the best strategy.

 A simple meditation posture can improve the body’s Qi and Blood, smooth the meridians, refresh the brain, and nourish body Yang energy. Just like the “Yi Jing” states: there are great principles in simplicity.

According to the philosophy of Yoga, there are 72,000 meridians (Sanskrit nadi, meaning meridians, and channels) in the body, and the Qi of life (Sanskrit Prana) circulates in these meridians. The meditation postures help clear these meridians and make them unobstructed.

Some scholars have verified that the term pyramid originated from ancient Greek, meaning “the fire of the center.” There is a saying in ancient Greeks that a geometric pyramid can gather cosmic energy and is an energy harvester. Modern science uses different terms to describe it: energy resonator and amplifier.     

More secrets of the pyramid are to be revealed. But, when we meditate, with the whole body shaped like a Pyramid, we set our body as a static energy collector that stimulates the source of life and gathers cosmic energy. We “block” mouth and ears, “close” eyes and nose, focus all attention on the slow breath, adjust the energy frequency of the body to be similar or consistent with the frequency of the universe.

Centered on the belly button, our innate opening to the universe, are the internal organs, the abdominal area, and the waist, harvesting energy stimulated and collected through meditation.

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