Dream, the 4th Dimensional Space

Today, we talk about a disruptive theory, for sharing and discussions.

A one-dimensional space is simply a straight line. Two or more straight lines form a 2-dimensional(2-D) space.

When two or more 2-D spaces are superimposed, forms a 3-dimensional(3-D) space.

It is a feature that living in 2-D space cannot feel the existence of 3-D space, but the 3-D world can see the 2-D space.

So, in the 4-dimensional(4-D) space, can we use the same mathematical models to connect two cubes together to represent it?

Unfortunately, in the 3-D world, we cannot draw a 4-D cube, because we cannot find a 4th axis to make them perpendicular to each other.

In the same way, the 3-D world can be seen in the 4-D space, but the 4-D space cannot be seen in the 3-D world.

For a 4-D world, all the restrictions in the 3-D world do not exist.

A simple example: we put a key into a safety box, close it, set the password. As a person in the 3-D world, you don’t know what’s in it until opening it. But for a person in a 4-D world, what’s in the safety box is clear.

Just like: In a 2-D world, put a picture frame in a box in front of you, you never know that is drawn on the picture. But for a person looking at it from a 3-D world, it is easy at a glance.

The four-dimensional (4D) world is a purely conscious world, which is what we call the higher self, thought, or soul. It is an immaterial existence.

This 4D space is both inside and outside of our three-dimensional (3D) space, both above and below, both on the left and right. It is everywhere; our 3D is just a small projection of the 4D.

For example – a dream:

When you are dreaming, your body is in a 3D world, but your consciousness enters another world. In the dream, you are not limited by time and gravity, you can fly in the sky, you can see your dead relatives or the people you miss, and you can go to strange worlds…

And your feelings are very clear, wake up crying, be scared, or wake up in a cold sweat. The feeling of dreams is very real, just like the feeling in reality.

It is because you return to a pure 4D world in your dream.

The 4D world that you went back to when you were dreaming, has the waking you. You can regard your daily life your real dream. You sleep at night and dream, but you are actually awake.

You live in a 3D world; it is just a projection of you in the 4D space.