Open Your High-Dimensional Wisdom and Gain Inner Joy

Mr. Liu Feng: Advocator for the integration of multicultural systems. In 30+ years of broad-based scientific research and application, Mr. Liu penetrated all practice groups that have a chance to enter, and in accordance with the basic concept of seeking common ground while respecting differences, interacts harmoniously with today’s diverse world.

Once, an MIT Ph.D. who studied Buddhism asked him: “Mr. Liu, I study Buddhism. I believe that higher dimensions lead to three dimensions. But I practice three dimensions every day, how can I use higher dimensions to lead three dimensions?”

Mr. Liu: “You want to know the result of the three-dimensional practice? First, ask yourself what is the result of this experiment; then meditate, ask yourself inside the results you search for from this experiment. The information that first appears in your mind is the answer and the result.”

“Then use all of your knowledge, methods, and data to prove that you’re right – that’s called high-dimensional practice leadership. This is how all human inventions come about: first inspired, and later proved. Only in this way can we truly unlock high-dimensional wisdom, which is certainly how the future will come about.”


Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Art

Last summer, when I was back in Chongqing China, a very good friend’s family invited my family to have dinner at a hot pot restaurant where they provide Sichuan Opera Face-Changing Art show. My girls were so excited about this wonderful show. And we took this picture.

Sichuan Opera brings “face-changing” art to the stage. It is a romantic way to reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters in the script. According to legend, “face-changing” is an ancient human face in the face of fierce beasts. In order to survive, they sketched their faces in different ways to scare the invading beasts.

Funny thing is, months later, I personally live-experienced real “face-changing” in my lovely organization where a fierce force of abusing gossiping toxic energy seized the control of this organization, showing their people “face changing” tricks – treating their vulnerable people as “beasts”.

We are worried about this lovely organization. We have to do something, something positive, with people sharing the same thoughts and visions.

Can we count on you? Show your smile, please.

Good morning, my dear friends.🍵☕🌞🌷❤️


Law of Attractions

When the most deadly dementor’s kiss is performed, the human soul will be sucked into the darkness of fear. The powerful spell that saved Harry Porter from it is his happiest memory of being loved by his family and friends.

The human aura is invisible, but its power is enormous. What you think, what you believe, what kind of aura you have! This is the Law of Attraction.

Voldemort does not believe in love, harmony, forgiveness but control, revenge, violence, so he attracts fear, betrayal, death eaters, and dementors.

Harry Potter believes in love, trust, kindness, caring, compassion, so he attracts good friends, love, supports,…, even the Deathly Hallows.

Harry Potter never meant to own these things, it is his spirit that attracted all this positive energy and gave him the power to overcome the obstacles. He suffered a lot, but he succeeded.

Nature gives humans the war of COVID19 as a lesson on how to overcome the obstacle during our fast development of the world; we suffer, we also reflect our mind and soul, we think and act.

Every day, with each of us, do a little good, show love, kindness to the world, it will accumulate into infinite power for us to end this tragic war, to transform our world into a new stage.



Are you Climbing the Correct Mountain?

People are climbing mountains. It is natural that people are climbing, right or wrong, one by one, spending decades reaching high, conquering themselves, viewing the sceneries all the way along, gazing out the landscape underneath…

But I enjoy being water, I have to flow lower and lower, from among the mountains, forests, lawns, ponds, streams, creeks, falls, cities, rivers, into the sea.

I flow into the sea where I disappear and last forever. I love and receive energy from the sun. It touches me and warms me. It raises me up into the sky. It gives me rebirth. It gives me the wing to fly.

I moisten the air, soils, and grounds; I water grasses, trees, and forests; I wash stones, cliffs, hills, mountains, and hearts; I nurture creatures, lives, and generations. I flow into them without their notice. I became part of them and I benefit them.

Eyes prefer to look upward, they do not see me, they can only listen to me, listen to me by closing their eyes.

When I tender a new life, when I create, when a seed grows, it has to be quiet. This is the power of silence. This is my world of joy and peace.

I will flow. How’s your life without me?

Good Morning, my friends!🍵💧💧💧

Breathe to the Abdomen

“Breathe to the umbilicus, live to the #longevity.”

According to Li Shizhen, a famous Chinese medical scientist in the Ming dynasty, the perineum point is the main point on the body’s meridians, and it is also the main point for human longevity.

People absorb energy from the universe to live, either through diet or through breath. Without diet for days, human life can survive; but without breath, we could not live long.

Watch around, look for people with deep and slow breaths, you will discover they have strong legs, upright back, radiant and positive with smiles on their face; and above all, very naturally healthy.

Deep and slow breath down to the umbilicus, is the breath of newborns and infants, is the breath when humans are in deep sleep, is the breath for powerful human self-healing to take place.

Constantly practicing deep and slow breaths to the umbilicus (refer to my post: Yoga Meditation Breath), is good maintenance of the source of human life within our body, the reproductive system. Its qualities are innocence and wisdom, pure and calm like a newborn child.

#Innocence and #wisdom are also the most fundamental ability of a person to distinguish right from wrong.

Stay positive with each of your breaths. Enjoy your health. (202002262225)

“Tao Te Ching”《道德经》, my book of life!

The important thing about the book of life is that not only is it important, but you can always bump into something new within your every life course.

What is Tao”道”? Write this word in Chinese, first write “首”, which means the head, thought, or mind. Then write “之“, which stands for walk, behavior, or action. In total, the word Tao”道” is the symbol of the unity of knowledge and action/practice.

The second word De”德“ has the meaning of wisdom and morality.

“Tao Te Ching” is divided into “Tao chapter” and “Te chapter”. It is a general understanding that the “Tao chapter” is mainly a description of the law of the universe; And when it comes to morality, the “Te chapter”, is about how to guide our behavior when we know the rules of the universe.


How Can a Drop of Water Last Forever? Put It into the Sea!

This is also true of human beings. The highest level of silence (quietness) is to integrate ourselves into the space-time cycle in which all things work.

Our heart is the whole world. When we are full of joy, compassion, and tolerance, the positive energy of time and space will flow into our bodies.

Many geniuses succeed because of their instant inspiration. Many great inventions of mankind often come from instant inspiration. The essence of inspiration comes from the energy of time and space.

At this right time and this right place, we have to set our minds focusing on bringing out our invention, revolution, and creation. That’s the one project that if successful will render things to be much easier.

Stay positive. Figure out the pathway and build up the team.


Ancient Chinese Medicine: Moxibustion

In ancient times, some great sorcerers had magical powers. Shen Nong tasted a hundred grasses and picked out a wormwood. After the mugwort is ignited, its qi can resonate harmonically with the human’s qi, and its wavelength is the closest to the human body so that the human body can easily accept it, allowing the moxibustion qi to penetrate deeper.

After the mugwort ignited, it sent out a warm and penetrating. This warmth does not hurt, it is like a mother’s love.

Good morning, my friends. 🌞🌙✨🌺☕

Your World, Your Choice

Do we regularly try to evaluate ourselves? Our Peace, Joy, Love, Reason, Acceptance, Willingness, Neutrality, Courage, Pride, Anger, Desire, Fear, Grief, Apathy, Guilt, and Shame? Or noticed we have a different combination of these elements at a different phase of our life? And noticed our value is embedded in the world we choose to be?

Are we normally Energetic, Excited, Enthusiastic, Focused, Diverse, Positive Challenging, Internal and External United, Self-driven Improving, and Improving others at the same time?

Are we positively shaping our capability in staying Quiet, Calm, Relaxed, Refreshed, Harmonious, Present, and Fully Rested?

Are we capable of handling our Anger, Doubt, Disappointment, Worry, Impatience, Stress, Negativity, Problems, and Relationship challenges?

Are we trapped or freed from Resentment, Regret, Guilt, Jealousy, Low Self-esteem, Despair, Frustration, Shame, Embarrassment, and Blame?

Despite all our purposes, ambitions, interests, benefits,…, we are the average of the 5 people we surrounded ourselves with.

Take a measure and shape it.

May we apply this to reflect and develop our business?