How a Computer Uses 0 and 1 to Describe Everything

When my little girl uses an iPad App to learn simple coding like {if…} {then do…} {repeat…} {elseif…} {else…}, it is fascinatingly simple and easy. And the program lets the kids debug and refine the codes to make their small codes a closed-loop process at the end.

This reminds me of my old days in learning one basic computer language BASIC. Before learning BASIC, we learned how computers translate all signals into 0 and 1 and then finally show everything on screen using code 0 and 1.

In the end, all signals on computers are shown through each of the digital cells on its screen. With each cell appearing in a different color, all cells on a screen form up a screen image which refreshes at a very high speed that human eyes could not catch up and tell the changes.

On an RGB color mode screen, each cell is a combination of the three basic colors of Red, Green, and Blue, and each color is designed in 256 levels (256=16*16) and using two hexadecimal numbers 0, 1, 2, …9, A, B… F to present.

For example, if a cell has a color of FF9A04, it means:
Red: 255 (F*16+F=15*16+15)
Green: 154 (9*16+A=9*16+10)
Blue: 4 (0*16 + 4)

And for each color, from 0 to 255, they are stored in binary digits from 00000000 to 11111111.

So, for a cell of the color of FF9A04, the computer would be sending a string of digital binary like this:

1111 1111 — 255 — Red
1001 1010 — 154 — Green
0000 0100 — 4 — Blue

Combined with processing codes which are digital binary 0 and 1 too, at a very high speed translating, sending, and reloading, our computer screen freshes, and then we can surf in this digital world freely.

The same thing happens on TV, also audio products, and all computer program-related products.

This is an amazing world that can be completely described using 0 and 1.


Observing a Cone from Multiple Angles

The childhood story of the blind man touching the elephant never fades in our memory.

A blind man touches the elephant to learn what an elephant is like:

When he touches the belly, the elephant is like a wall;
When he touches a leg, the elephant is like a big pillar;
When he touches the tail, the elephant is like a big rope;
When he touches one ear, the elephant is like a big fan…

We learned when we were young that when we look at things, we shall not make random guesses and make incomplete judgments based on a one-sided understanding or partial experience.

While growing older, we are further learning to observe things from multiple angles.

For example, a cone: when we look at it from different angles as the green arrows show below, what we might perceive are surprisingly different from each other.

And then we are learning that observations can be conducted not only from the outside but also from inside the cone. On top of the red arrows showing here, what more angles can we have?

Suppose the cone is in a shadowless-light room? Then, in a laser-light room? What different views might we have?

Suppose we observe the cone from extremely close moving to extremely far away, what we may get?

Even more angles? Please comment below.

What a diverse and mysterious world! We shall always stay humble to listen to different voices and observe things from multiple angles. 


The Universal Energy Frequency

Because Mother Earth rotates at a certain oblique angle while revolving around the sun, day and night are produced; spring, summer, autumn, and winter are produced.

The ancestors discovered this secret a long time ago and derived from this the law of movement of heaven, the earth, the sun, the moon, and everything in the universe. They had mastered the secrets of the absorption and divergence of the earth’s energy and thus revealed the laws of human energy changes and the natural laws of birth, old age, sickness, and death. They have an in-depth analysis and description of the rotation angle and tilt angle of Mother Earth.

They believed that the earth is an organism, and she is surrounded by a circle of energy. We know from modern physics that the energy field surrounding the earth outside is called the geomagnetic field. There are different opinions about the reasons for the earth’s magnetic field today, but there is no one that can be the broad convincing argument.

As discussed here, the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere of the earth have a mutual energy change pattern difference due to the seasonal changes of the earth’s energy. This energy difference makes the northern and southern hemispheres like the positive and negative poles of a huge battery. With such a large energy difference, when the earth rotates at a very fast speed, as revealed by the electromagnetic induction effect in physics, it will produce a strong magnetic field. Can this explain the source of the earth’s magnetic field at some point?

The rotation of the Great Mother Earth provides the electromagnetic field foundation for the development of human culture on earth and is the source of all modern technologies. What is the frequency of this energy field of Mother Earth?

When human beings enter the state of meditation, when all the connections between the human body and the material world are closed, when only the energy interaction between the water of life and the fire of life is allowed, the entire human body is completely connected to the universe.

Is the human frequency generated at this moment consistent with the frequency of Mother Earth? Is it consistent with the frequency of the universe? Humans are only a small part of nature.

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Static Is A Big Move

Einstein’s theory of “Relativity” has a point: the speed of light is the limit speed of the three-dimensional world. The Scale Reduction and Clock Slowness effects show that as long as anything reaches the speed of light, it slows down the time to a speed of 0. It can be assumed that things moving at the speed of light are relatively static for all surrounding objects that also move at the speed of light.

Stillness is relative.

When a bus runs on the street, we feel it is too fast to catch. But if we are on the bus, we cannot feel it’s moving at a steady speed if we do not look outside.

When a flower blooms quietly, the time of a universe of flowers is used up.

We live on the earth, although our Mother Earth rotates at a speed of four hundred and sixty-six meters per second at its equator, we cannot feel it, neither talk about the orbital speed of the earth around the sun of approximately 107,000 kilometers per hour.

All important processes of life happen slowly in a quiet status. Humans come into this world, bringing their own spirit to combine with the fertilized egg, and then returning back to the universe, it is all in the same quiet. All the processes of human growth happen slowly and silently. No one can go from one year old to twenty years old quickly and soundly…

In the long river of time, in the vast universe, individuals are humbled as dust in this time and space. What one can decide is how to use his time.

Everything in the universe is moving. Static is a quiet movement, a prolonged state of life function, a rare thing that carries infinite power.

  • Fruit, grain, flowers, plants grow statically;
  • Deep sleep heals the human body;
  • Rests relieve the human mind;

Where does Earth’s energy come from? It comes from long term static accumulation of sunlight and the slow chemical/physical effects inside the earth.

Lao Tzu said: Root is the source of life; root represents stillness. When a human calms down like a young baby, the brain is clear, and he can feel more happiness.

There are comparisons between people: 

A person with a weak liver has a big temper, is irritable, and hard to be quiet; A person with a soft gentle personality is calm with healthy liver function.

Bloody sticky people are suspicious, lack judgment, carry an uneasy mood; but a steady and calm person is decisive with smooth blood circulation…….

For people who are getting puzzled in handling complex and difficult matters, most of the time it is due to loud noise inside and being self-annoyed. But in a static state, the mind, and body are completely calm with a reflection on the inner self, and people may suddenly become cheerful.

In absolute health can people be quiet and calm; being quiet and calm, can people gain health.

Mr. Nan Huaijin said: “No matter what kind of disaster you encounter, you just need to be calm. And quietly observe it change.”

This “observe” means “观” in Chinese. It neither contains an eye “目”, nor a heart “心”, nor a mouth “口”. It means: close our eyes and mouth, do not judge by heart, but reflect and communicate to the inner consciousness, and regain the awareness.

Mr. Nan Huaijin also said: “When a person can be quiet, it is a great movement, and it is the body and energy of a person sitting there quietly for a sports meeting.”

No matter when, our best secret weapon is being calm: not leaking energy through negative emotions, but reserving it for all good outcomings.

The root cause of many diseases is the lack of “slowness” which caused the lack of energy. For example, neurasthenia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and some others are common mental illnesses caught by people in a state of mental and psychological life that is too fast and excessively anxious.

Why do Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity… attach so much importance to “reflection” and “confession”? They are calling for looking and listening inward.

In a fast-developing hustle and bustle society, everyone has their own private journey to be completed independently by themselves step by step. Solitude is a life course that everyone must go through. About this “solitude”, there is a short story:

A boat traveling across the river and suddenly hit by a boat, a grumpy man on the ark immediately shouted to the hitting boat, a call wasn’t listened to, then another not listened to, when about to bristle, he found that the hit ship was empty. The scolding stopped, he burst into laughers!

With others, we are always in a social state; only in solitude, we are close to the natural state.

To be alone is to walk towards ourselves. When we are not forced to talk to others, we have time to talk to ourselves.

Society can reflect one’s external value, but solitude can shape one’s internal value. It is the most essential and most expensive freedom.

Enjoying solitude is a gesture. It is the attitude of walking through the complex world, not in a hurry, but quietly enjoy the season of bright flowers or wait for the purity of the snow. It is humble and gentle, standing aloof from worldly affairs, but has pride and sharpened edges and corners.

As soon as the mind turns its direction, the spirit turns, and the direction of the life train turns. When a person’s body is seriously ill, its life train has been in the wrong direction for a long time.

BUT, the mind can be turned to a new direction at any time, starting from the heart and head.

3,6,9? 1,4,2,8,5,7?

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a mysterious greatest genius scientist, loved numbers & particularly fascinated by 3, 6, 9! He believed the junction of the planets is related to 3, 6, 9: “If you understand the beauty of 3, 6, 9 you have the key to the truth of the universe.”

But why?

We know: mathematics is not artificially created but discovered: as the language and laws of the universe.

1️⃣Cells and embryos follow the binary module (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,…), adding each digits together, we get (1,2,4,8,7,5,1,2,4,8…)
2️⃣The counting module of the vortex “Toroidal Geometry” is repeated (1,2,4,8,7,5,1,2,4,8,7,5,1,2,4…)
3️⃣Starting from 1, backward by half: 0.5, 0+5=5; 0.25, 2+5=7, … reserved (5,7,8,4,2,1…)

You may know the secrets of the magical numbers 142857 which was found in the Egyptian pyramid and said to have proved that there are 7 days in a week. Check out its mystery as illustrated here:

142857×2=285714 (Rotation starts)
142857×7=999999(Cycle ends)
142857×8=1142856(7 departed as 1 & 6)
142857× 9=1285713(4=>1 & 3)

What law of the universe is it reflecting?

Coincidentally, ancient Chinese “Yi Jing”, originated 7000 years ago, is also inextricably linked to 3,6,9.☕

Does the Horse Like a Tailwind or a Headwind?

Ancients knew our nature very well and had been telling us to live in harmony with nature.

Today, when I read my favorite ancient book, a section describing the mutual positions of stallions and mares where horses rest at night attracted my curiosity as my brain quickly related it to our society.

Then it tells how to deal with adversity: in winter in the countryside, by looking for the bird’s position on the tree you are able to know the wind direction. If a bird perches on a branch on the east side, an east wind is coming; on a branch on the west side, a west wind coming. Because: birds like headwinds. Joining the tailwind, the overturned feathers would leave the bird to freeze to death.

In the same way, horses like headwinds. With a large amount of air easily to be sucked into galloping headwinds, horses are comfortable and run fast when the wind blowing along with their hair.

With the development at full speed of modern science and technology, we pursue comfortable life and transform/utilize our nature, reaching an unprecedented level. But, what happened to the animals, the planet? And, are we in harmony?

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Time, Space and Speed

Living in a three-dimensional space, we have a deep understanding of two-dimensional plane.

Assuming there is life called X on a two-dimensional plane paper, when we put a finger on a two-dimensional flat paper, in X’s eye, a dot or a ring appears.

Taking this finger away, in X’s eyes, the ring disappears instantly. Then placing the finger on the other side of the two-dimensional paper, the ring appears instantly. “Wow, this is teleportation. It is stealth”, to X, it is a miracle.

“A Brief History of Time”, by Stephen Hawking, once mentioned an experiment: at a distance of 100 light years, how long does it take to fly at the speed of light?

Einstein’s theory of “Relativity” has a point: the speed of light is the limit speed of the three-dimensional world. The Scale Reduction and Clock Slowness effects show that as long as anything reaches the speed of light, it slows down time to a speed of 0. And, if a person reaches the speed of light, time does not exist any longer, similar to entering an eternal state.

In this case, the space voyage of 100 light-years, for this person, the distance is instantaneous. There is no difference between 1 light-year and 100,000 light-years.

Where does high dimensional energy come from?💡🌹

I Love Data!

Recently, I was asked for times: what do you do?

Instead of directly answer the question, I chose to explain what I did:

I worked in areas including IT, technology, factory, manufacture, sales&marketing, supply chain, customer service, management, international education, youth mentoring, global nursing service project planning …, I also teach yoga. 🤗💪

Among all my expertise, with endless enthusiasm in pursuing innovation and creativity, I love DATA.

Data is one of my most powerful weapons. My time spent playing in the endless powerful database, processing data to tell stories, shaping data to promote business paid me back with great achievements.

Once I tell a CIO, “Database is the nervous system of a business”.

Data-driven Decision Making is what I think is a solid foundation of success for businesses when they are transforming within the new digital age.

The world is in the flow of becoming digitalized. Data are everywhere, even when we don’t like it when we think it carries too much of our privacy and refuses to use it, the fact is, they are being used. If not by us, then by somebody else.

Using data wisely would absolutely increase our awareness, productivity, efficiency, and creativity.

Stay positive in using data. ☕🌹