I am Under a 3 Weeks Quarantine

Due to a very important family emergency, I had to put on hold everything at hand and fly back to China from Canada within a week.

Very urgently, I went through a 48-hours-leading-time pre-boarding COVID19 FlyClear RT-PCR swab test and antibody blood test. With both tests’ negative results, I successfully got my Green-QR-Code; and boarded on the international airplane, flying towards Guangzhou.

At the moment we boarded the plane, we were all treated as high-risk virus carriers:

– The crew and all working people on the way were all in full protective clothing
– The airplane landed at a separate terminal building
– We must register all personal ID information together with COVID test results with the Frontier Pandemic Prevention Center
– We went through a fully closed-loop entry channel
– We did the second time swab test before entering the custom
– We claimed our luggage and followed the guidance to take a bus to a quarantine hotel which was uniformly arranged by the government
– We got 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th swab tests on the 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 14th day in the hotel, together with daily temperature tests
– All food, water, laundry, shower supplies are uniformly organized by the government and hotel
– After 2 weeks of quarantine in the hotel, we will register our arrival at our home to the local administrative department and go on a 7-days strict home quarantine, and more swab tests
– …

All the above mandatary steps went through a smooth process with a very well-organized team and under good controls.

What do we feel? Severely restricted freedom? Grumpy?
Oppositions? Objections?

No. We all feel relieved, as, out of the hotel is a free, healthy, and very fast-developing world despite this “scaring” pandemic.

What we are doing now, is for everyone, including our own freedom and health. And we all work together on this.

I love my home country. She makes me feel being taken care of, being protected, and being safe.



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