From “Eagle’s Take Away” to Higher Leadership

Part one: Origin Article “Eagle’s Take Away” By: Farooq Omar, Aug-10-2021, Published by Dennis Pitocco at BizCatalyst360

I have been examining, in regards to humanity’s mind, characteristics and conduct. Thinking, we are just the experts of ‘pardons, whining and taking cover behind ‘uncertainties and buts’ more often than not.

In all honesty, we people are maybe the most ‘unreliable, tentative and powerless species, and blossom with our repulsive limit of finesses and misleading wizardry.

No big surprise, the extremely greater part of we people are the only feature of so-called achievement, however, a bombed living being. We have not many greats, however, Eagles are all pretty much as extraordinary as Alexander and conceived greats, unafraid, free from reluctance or indecisiveness.

I did a bit of examination from our adjoining living creatures and contemplated the limits of Eagles, and it flabbergasted me with their astonishing characteristics of genuine significance. Subsequently, I have put not many on them for a concise similar investigation through imparting to the crowd for their short ‘quick’ evaluation and exercises learned.

The Eagle is an entrancing bird. Known for its force and capacity to fly at high elevations in the sky. It flies where no other bird can fly and does not fly with any other bird as well.  As kids, we are frequently advised to take off like an Eagle. Reach skyward and fly. Gracious, yet if by some stroke of good luck, it was that straightforward!

Eagles separate themselves from other flying birds, they don’t move around with different types of birds. Their character is clear, they fly alone and at an extremely high height.

According to people, personality is vital. Be clear about your personality and a big motivator for you. You need to know and get yourself and be aware of the sort of organization you keep. He who works with the insightful will be astute and a buddy of imbeciles will be obliterated. Show me your companions and organizations and I will foresee your future. You need to have a brand separation and a decent brand separation results in a decent standing and eventually conveys achievement.

Eagles can see far. They have the force of center, prescience, lucidity of vision. The Eagle can consider objects to be far as 5 kilometers away, regardless of the obstructions are, the bird won’t lose sight yet will maintain its attention on its prey. It keeps fixed on its objective and stays persevering until it snatches its prey or accomplishes its objective.

Eagle feed on new prey each day. Many individuals continually brag about their past accomplishments. A few groups continue depending or living on their past accomplishment for they dread that they may not accomplish as much later on. The day that your “yesterday” reliably turns out to be more radiant and in your eyes, more effective than your “today” and “tomorrow”, you have entered the time of annihilation; you have begun to kick the bucket.

Like the eagle, don’t depend on your past progress. Try not to leave in the yesterday, embrace current circumstances.

At the point when a male eagle chooses to mate with a female Eagle, the female bird surveys the responsibility, devotion, ability, and endurance of the male hawk by over and again dropping a twig from a high height for the male hawk to get before the twig gets to the ground. On the off chance that the male Eagle gets the twig whenever the female bird tosses it, it is really at that time the female hawk will permit that male Eagle mate with her; and if the male hawk can’t get the twig before it gets to the ground, it loses its shot at mating with the female hawk.

Master of perfect Change & Re-Birth

At the point when the bird begins feeling powerless and trusts it’s going to bite the dust, it resigns to a spot and culls out each quill on its body until it is totally exposed. The Eagle either passes on that way or develops new quills. On the off chance that the bird develops new quills, it has made for itself another opportunity.

Resurrection includes the passing of the former self. The Eagle needs to settle on an agonizing choice at around age 40. Bite the dust or go through an agonizing interaction of resurrection which will expand its life for 30 additional years. This interaction includes the agonizing undertaking of taking out its own snout and culling out its claws with the goal that new ones can develop. This whole cycle requires around 5 months to finish. Life exercise?

At the point when the bird begins feeling powerless and trusts it’s going to bite the dust, it resigns to a spot and culls out each quill on its body until it is totally exposed. The Eagle either passes on that way or develops new quills. On the off chance that the bird develops new quills, it has made for itself another opportunity.

Eagles love the tempest. They get invigorated when tempest mists assemble. Why? They invite the test it brings. They realize the tempest winds will lift them over the mists. Over the mists, they can rest their wings and become more grounded. Life exercise?

We humans could see the chances, enveloped by our difficulties in case we weren’t so occupied with, grumbling and attempting?

At the point when an eagle takes part in a fight with prey like the snake, the eagle realizes that its space of force is the high height. The Eagle doesn’t remain on the ground to face its conflict in light of the fact that the ground is the space of force of the snake; consequently, it changes the fight ground.

There are numerous things we can gain from nature, yet on most occasions, we tend not to focus on what we can gain from nature. One special species that fruitful individuals gain from is the bird. In the event that you apply the conduct of the eagle to your way of life – ‘personal to professional’, you will most likely walk the way of achievement.

“We ought to gain proficiency with the method of sustaining our childhood and make them ready to do everything without help from anyone else. Engaging youth is the initial move towards the administration building. In our general public, we generally anticipate, when our youngsters can take the obligations or are ready to lead society. We ought to take in the exercise from this “Initiative Trait of an Eagle”.

Require few moments, burrow profound, think profound and share your contemplations?

Part two: Comments between Farooq and Helen:


YES, dear friend Farooq Omar, “There are numerous things we can gain from nature…”, as we are part of nature. And mutually, all spices in nature live together, depending, relying on, changing, and impacting each other, to maintain nature balanced.

Yes, we can learn a lot of spirits from eagles. We may also need to understand that for all those eagles we see roaring in the sky, they passed their life test when they were young: eagle mothers push their young babies down the cliff to practice their fly skills and strengthen their muscles and wings. For those eagles who could not wave their wings strong enough, they died.

So, what we can observe from eagles are from those survivors.

Eagles are hunters! All their behaviors and characters are the reason also the result for their being hunters. Humans are not hunters. Human leaders are not hunters, but servants. The human world would benefit more from its internal harmonious nourishment and also its harmonious relationship with all other creatures and nature. If a person is not putting serving people in the heart but always trying to get stronger, it is dangerous.

Leaders foresee the world’s future through their hearts and wisdom, but not by their eyes. They grasp the universal laws and apply them in long-term daily practice with persistence, perseverance, and patience.

Here I have a small story to share:

Legend has it that when Lao Tzu (or, Lao Zi) was fifteen, he worshipped a man named Chang Cong as his teacher.
Later, the teacher became seriously ill. Lao Tzu went to visit, but couldn’t forget to ask for teaching. And here came a conversation between them like this:

Lao Tzu said respectfully: “Teacher, you are so ill, what else can you tell your disciple?”
Chang said, “Even if you don’t ask, I have something to tell you.”
Then Chang opened his mouth and asked Lao Tzu to look into it and asked, “Is my tongue there?”
Lao Tzu replied: “Yes.”
Chang asked again, “Are my teeth still there?”
Lao Tzu replied: “They are all gone!”
Chang asked again: “Do you understand what I want to tell you?”
Lao Tzu said: “The tongue exists because it is soft! Isn’t it because teeth are hard that they have all fallen out?”
Chang said with satisfaction, “Hey! The world’s rules are all in it. You’ve got it, and I have nothing to teach you anymore!

Thank you for a great article to inspire us to think!

Farooq Omar:

Much obliged dear Helen for your clever remark. I do concur about starting serving. However, people are the most exceedingly awful trackers as humanity’s set of experiences shows it. Worker pioneers are to serve in one manner yet then again, take their accomplishments by heartlessly acting to accomplish their purpose… 

It very well might be corporate, political, or something else. It is tied in with getting everything to acquire their predominance or gains. Take a gander at all the domains in history and it is very simple to evaluate and see what I am alluding to. 

For your reference, I am writing some administration qualities of the hawk. 
#lessonslearned ), however, my post is #not explicit to “initiative”, yet what we can realize and accept as a part of our character to be better. 

– You should have a dream that aids and leads your group towards the association’s or alternately society’s objectives. The vision should be large, just as engaged. A major, centered vision will deliver large outcomes. 

similarly, as birds should chance themselves for the endurance of their families, you should not be hesitant to risk yourself. Somebody who will face challenges, while remaining not really set in stone, will get seen and culled out of the group.

– Effective leaders are bold. They deal with issues directly. Regardless of the size of the issue, a decent pioneer assaults them without respect for themselves. It wouldn’t occur to you to be apprehensive in light of the fact that your intuition is to ensure what you adore and esteem. Others observe your enthusiasm and assurance and draw strength from it. (Nelson Mandela)

– Watch an eagle when a tempest comes. While different birds fly away from the tempest, a falcon spreads its strong wings and uses the current to take off to more noteworthy statures. The falcon exploits the very tempest that lesser birds dread. The difficulties in the existence of a pioneer are many. These are the tempests we should look at as pioneers to ascend to more noteworthy statures. At the point when birds assemble connections, they really put resources into them. 

– Great leaders are issue solvers. They don’t say anything negative as the chickens do. At the point when the tempest comes, they love to accept difficulties as the falcon does. Genuine leaders are not managers. They develop with their kin.

They endeavor to cause people in the association or society to develop to their full capacity. They educate and guide very much as the mother falcon does. They give constantly difficulties, yet they additionally never quit any pretense of engaging and coordinating.

I can add a lot more to it, but I am sure it will (perhaps) answer some of your in-built questions and apprehensions.

“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him”
— John F. Kenney
I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute…. it says a lot and is linked to what I just stated.
— Warren Buffett

Thank you again for your rich and insightful 💥 comment my dear friend 
 Helen Qiu. You are full of knowledge and wisdom. 👍 🎩


Farooq Omar my friend, I just posted a short article. It is a coincidence that I happen to be re-organizing all my posts and articles and it comes up into my eyes right before I read your article. My new post is quite relevant to what I would discuss with you with your today post.

When leaders lead heartlessly to achieve some pre-achievements, it might be on a road leading to a fierce and dark future for all the others but to the leader, it looks bright. This is what I say by “dangerous”.

Leaders do not need to be like eagles.

If you ever heard of Lao Tzu, one of the greatest people in human history, he was just an ordinary person in his life, even no many people knew him and his stories. The only thing that all of us know about him is the 5,000 characters “Tao Te Ching” he left to a valley guard when he traveled out a Hangu Guan valley. Then he disappeared into the air.

But his 5,000 characters “Tao Te Ching” is the most valuable treasure for humankind. His spirits and wisdom carry the highest level of leadership mindsets.

Farooq Omar:

 “At the point when a tempest is coming, any remaining birds look for cover. The bird alone evades the tempest by hovering above it. In this way, in the tempests of life… May your heart take off like an eagle.” Amen


Dear Farooq Omar, when a true leader puts the world’s better future in the heart, this leader does not need any frame, any title, any position, any paws, any hunting skills, because leaders serve.

But, this does not say the true leader does not have a dream, instead, he(she)not only has the biggest dream but also does everything to make it true.

He(she) not only takes risks but also endure through all hardships and storms with perseverance and patience. His(her) skills and minds can twist as much as it needs.

He(she) is boldest, like how quiet and flowing water can also wash over all dirty and pollutions, can also turn over
ships that are destined to be turned over; he(she) is boldest like the air, although completely transparent and seems to be light and easily ignored, but when it blows over everything, its energy is inventively enormous and unstoppable.

He(she) is the biggest problem solver, as he(she) aim at world level big matters, which is big enough as: in 20 to 30 years, will the human being be able to answer their children’s questions: why we are all dying because of the climate crisis?

When storms come, the true leaders act as the water and air, being part of the storm, bring the highest level of energy and leadership to clean up the world and drive away the darkness.

They endeavor to cause people in the association or society to develop to their full capacity, but at the same time, they are kind and gentle caregivers, like mothers and fathers to their children. Their loves are unconditional.

Thank you for this meaningful discussion on higher-level leadership, Farooq Omar.

(11:19am EST, Aug 11, 2021)

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