To the Thief

Zheng Banqiao( had a straightforward character and was a county governor who governed incorruptibly and intelligently with integrity.

As a result, there was nothing worthwhile at his home.

One night, a thief entered his home, and he chanted a limerick:

On this drizzle-heavy night, the gentleman hiding on the beams has entered my home.

With thousands of volumes of poems and books in the belly, there is not even half a tael of silver in bed or on the table.

Look out the yellow-tailed dog, look out the green flowerpots over the wall.

When you leave, let me give you a coat in the middle of the night.

Pack your ambitions, and become a man.




#authenticity#integrity # #history#ancientwisdom#chineseculture#love#kindness#unity

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