The Hollowness Space

Have you ever noticed?
✅The force-bearing structure of a bicycle is a hollow tube.
✅The weight-bearing tire of a car is a hollow structure.
✅Although the ocean liners are made of metal heavier than water, they can carry weight and sail on the water because of their hollowness.
✅The load-bearing steel structure of buildings is also hollow.
We can find the answer in nature.
Wheat, barley, bamboo, etc. are all hollow structures. Because they are hollow, they do not shrink, and they are extremely elastic and tough. We learned from nature that hollow cores can carry pressure, perseverance, and even grit better than solid cores.
We can also find the answer in the human body.
The bones of the body that support the weight are basically hollow. For example, the femur, tibia, fibula, humerus, and radius of the limbs, and back spine are all hollow. And these important hollow bones are not only the supporting force for the human to stand straight and walk upright but also the container and best protector of bone marrow and spinal cord, which are the very important components for life.
Hollowness holds great energy.

Clean up what filled in our head and mind from time to time, leave some space for new positive things to fill in, is pursuing a refreshing mindset of mental journey.


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