When the Moon Belongs To the White Rabbit

There was a white rabbit who loved the beauty of nature. She especially liked the moon. In her eyes, the moon’s dimness and brightness, waxing, and waning were full of charm.

So the king of the universe summoned her and said that she had a unique talent for admiring the moon and decided to give her the moon.

From then on, the moon was no longer everyone’s moon but belonged to this white rabbit alone.

The white rabbit still went to the grassland in the forest to watch the moon every night.

However, it was strange to say that the former leisure mood was wiped out, and there was only one thought in her mind: “This is my moon!” She stared at the moon firmly, just like a rich man stared at his cellar of gold.

Dark clouds covered the moon, and she became nervous, lest the treasure be lost;

When the full moon was turning into a waning moon, her heart ached, as if she had been robbed.

In her eyes, the moon’s dimness and brightness, waxing, and waning were no longer of charm and joy, but dangers were repeated, which evokes endless troubles and illusions of gains and losses.



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