Don’t be Useless🤲

It is an old saying: Do not be afraid of being used by others but be afraid that you are useless.

We may be taught this: no one can be trusted unless you are useful.

While another old saying is: All things in their being are good for something.

It’s really realistic!

Isolation and helplessness may be the norm in the play of this life. Solitude is not meant for you to fit in, but to stand out.

Laugh, the whole world laughs with you;
Cry, you have to cry alone.

Being able to be used by people is actually a manifestation of your personal ability. Taking it wisely, giving purifies, and enlights your road.

If you want to have a solid life, you have to work hard to be your own backer, enrich yourself, and give your hand to others no matter how small, when, and where.

Good morning, my friends!💧💧💧☕


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