Diseases: Prevent or Control❓

TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, studies invisible universe energy. WM, western medicine, is a substantive science that studies tangible confrontation.

TCM focuses on prevention; WM focuses on control.

TCM’s source of wisdom relies on treating human physical & mental systems as a whole. It thinks: internal diseases are reflected outside; partial illness reveals illness of the whole, which in turn affects the whole. WM reveals the results, following the laws of treatments of illnesses that can be seen and measured.

TCM thinks human life is all about energy.

A sample: the vegetative, with nervous system rotten and muscle atrophied, is still alive but not dead: he can digest and absorb with life systems runs normally if we “feed” him. In TCM’s point of view, the invisible energy system, Qi and spirit, gets energy from the universe and maintains his life.

What eyes can see is the result. X-rays & the microscope are extensions of the naked eye. Diseases are hardly healed by chasing blood pressure, blood sugar, uric acid, and other measurement data.

TCM diagnoses & treats diseases with the #wisdom of a sage to root causes. The ancients studied the energy movement of invisible essentials; knew how #energy moves, why people got diseases. 👀🧐📖⚖️☕

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