What You See👀 Indicates What Is in Your Heart❤️

Su Dongpo once sat in meditation with Buddha India when he was young.

Su asked, “Master, what do you think I look like sitting here?”
Buddha: “You look like a Buddha.”
Su sneered and said, “But I think you look like poop!”
Buddha smiled slightly.

After returning home, Su told his sister about it.

Sister replied, “Because you are a Buddha, you will see others as a Buddha; if you are poop, you will see others as poop.”

Ancient Chinese philosophers said: Others are a mirror of you. You are what you see others look like.

Modern psychological research suggests that we tend to dislike people who have similar shortcomings as ourselves. In other words, if a person sees shortcomings similar to himself in the outside world, s/he intends to get angrier and repelled. Considering issues from their own perspectives, human are limitating their capability.

Therefore, wisdom people must learn to stay out of their own limitations, consider issues from different perspectives, and putting these feet into others’ boots in order to live in harmony with this world.

When our eyes see calm, kindness and love around us, we are happy.

Good morning, my friends!🍃🌸🌞💧🌈



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