Emotion and Body Disease Comparison Table

In this special season, take good care of the special us, our family, and our friends. Give ourselves a self-exam, improve our health.

We are stronger than we think. We are stronger than COVID19.

“Body disease starts from the heart.” The human body is the heart’s display. If a person really knows his/her own personality, he/she could know what kind of physical disease he/she is easy to suffer from:

Head: Stress, excessive anxiety, and mood swings can easily cause migraines. Daily life may put you under a lot of unnecessary stress. What you need now is to take time to relax.

Neck: If you are habitually holding your body in a rigid position, or often feel guilty and blame yourself, or be too harsh on yourself and not forgive yourself, you can easily feel neck pain. While examining your habits and beliefs, you need to learn how to love yourself and make yourself more flexible.

Shoulders: The more responsibilities we shoulder, the more we strain our shoulders. Many adults have shoulder pain because they feel that they “have a lot of responsibilities” and most of them come from families or original families. When this happens, you must learn to ask for help and share some of your heavy responsibilities with others.

Upper back: If you feel pain in your upper back, it means you lack love. Lack of love makes us have a lot of “lack of love” emotions, such as resentment, jealousy, not forgiving ourselves and others, not understanding, lack of empathy, etc. If you are single, find your other half quickly. If not, hurry home and hug your family, open the door of your heart, say what you want to say, and let your love flow!

Lower back: Lack of emotional support can cause lower back pain. Usually, this “emotional support” comes from your family or current close relationships. You can try to heal yourself, support yourself, love yourself, find yourself more emotional supports, your upper back pain will be relieved. Properly changing your consumption habits and improving your financial situation will also do good for your lower back pain.

Elbows: If you feel pain in your elbows, it means that you need to “put down” your stubborn views on things appropriately. Maybe you want to earn more, you want to catch something, or maybe there is a “stalemate” in your life for someone or something. It may be a better choice to think in a different way, let go of some stubbornness, or listen to the opinions of others.

Hands: If you feel pain in your hands, it means you have problems with “connection” and relationships. Make it easier for you to connect to more people and things, and try to relax.

Hips: When you feel insecure, or afraid of the future, the pressure from escaping will make your hips feel uncomfortable. For example, you are facing some problems and choices, but you don’t want to face them. When this happens, you need to make a decisive decision, get up and do it.

Knees: If your knees feel pain, it may prove that you may be unwilling to bend or be too arrogant. You have to learn to be humble, lower yourself, and not put yourself first.

Calves: Unsafe anxiety and emotional stress can make your calves feel sore or weak. Try to think from an adult’s perspective and take responsibility for everything, and you will become more stable, more powerful.

Ankles: The ankle represents the ability to accept pleasure. You trap yourself for some kind of past trauma or reason, and you don’t want to make your life happier. For example, your parents are not happy, so you cannot allow yourself to be happy… Now, it’s time to indulge yourself, pamper yourself, and open your own cage, and then you will find amazing things.

Feet: With more negative energy, negative attitude, and pessimistic mood you will easily feel foot pain. When you feel pain in your feet, you should try to release those negative emotions, embrace the injured part, and inject some sunshine and vitality into yourself.

The human heart can benefit everything; the Human heart can transform everything; the Human heart can nourish our lives.

When the heart is strong, the body is strong.

Keep strong and positive, my dear friends.

(Reference: WeChat Xiuxingquan)


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