Human is in Perfect Harmony with Nature

Ancient Chinese observed the universe law: Human body has 365 acupoints, while 365 days/year; 4 limbs, 4 seasons/year; 12 meridians, 12 months/year; 24 vertebrae, 24 solar terms/year; 7 orifices, 7 days/week…

“HuangDi NeiJing” described the circadian rhythm, 7-day rhythm, seasonal rhythm, annual rhythm, 60-years rhythm of human physiology and pathology.

Animals and humans have pregnancy cycles multiples of 7 days – human pregnancy 280 days.

The ancient treatise stated that catching a cold, without treatment, as long as no complications, it can heal on its own in generally 7 days, otherwise extends to 7xn, 14 or 21 days.

How does this universal law of 7-day rhythm develop? by the interaction of the sun and the moon! The traditional Chinese lunar calendar has 4×7=28days/month, and 4 tides in a month.

Human ancestors, originated from the ocean, most of the body is composed of water, so the 7-day rhythm of human body can also be regarded as the tide rhythm.

Human is in perfect harmony with nature!

When we #practice, we take advantage of the situation, is all about following the rules and rhythms.

Settled on the nodes and trends, we multiple the result with half the effort, and work out our dream positively! ☕🌹


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